1.6T squeezed out 1200 horsepower!Mercedes-Benz’s craziest production car exposed

1.6T squeezed out 1200 horsepower!Mercedes-Benz’s craziest production car exposed https://www.duzline.com

When it comes to speed and passion,

F1 cars are well-deserved, but can you believe that civilian production cars will one day be able to use F1 engines?


some foreign media exposed a set of latest spy photos of Mercedes-AMG ONE. The car should still be in the testing stage before mass production, but the official debut time should be within the year, and it is expected to be at the Munich Auto Show in September. Meet everyone.

The new car is a mass-produced version of the AMG Concept One concept car.

It uses a lot of technology from F1 racing cars. It also gives this car an exaggerated aerodynamic design and a very aggressive shape.

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At the same time, according to the previous spy photos, we also saw the interior of the AMG ONE, and we can find that the test car is very similar to the previously released concept car. As far as the maturity of the interior design is concerned, it is already very close to mass production.

Of course, as the top product of the Mercedes-Benz high-performance supercar family, the power of AMG ONE is also one of the biggest bright spots.

The new car will be equipped with a 1.6T V6 turbocharged engine, which is derived from Lewis Hamilton’s 2015 season F1 car. In order to be legally on the road, the crankshaft, pistons and electronic systems have been re-customized.

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Its idling speed reaches 4000 rpm, and the red line is set at 13,500 rpm (the engine speed can reach 15000 rpm, which is limited to 13500 rpm on AMG ONE).

At the same time, it is matched with 4 motors, the comprehensive maximum power of the whole power system is about 1200 horsepower, 0-200km/h only needs 6 seconds, and the maximum speed reaches 350km/h. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the craziest production car on the surface.

It is worth mentioning that Mercedes-AMG ONE has also been tested by F1 driver Hamilton before.
The new car will be delivered to users this year. The limited production of 275 vehicles is priced at US$2.7 million (about 18 million yuan). sold out.

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1.6T squeezed out 1200 horsepower!Mercedes-Benz’s craziest production car exposed https://www.duzline.com
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