18 small things that Meizu has never announced: Huang Zhang’s early screen name “Almighty Chinese Products”

18 small things that Meizu has never announced: Huang Zhang’s early screen name “Almighty Chinese Products” https://www.duzline.com

This year marks the 18th anniversary of Meizu Technology. Meizu has also released a brand-new Meizu 18 series mobile phones, except for the almost perfect price.

Today, Meizu Technology has successively released 18 small things that Meizu Technology has not disclosed through its official Weibo, which are now over.

Let’s take a look together below. I don’t know which one is the most eye-opening?

1. Early product ideas

Meizu’s early idea was to make an MP3 with call function, which later evolved into M8.

2. The birth of 30 mobile phones

30 mobile phones, 0 advertisements, 0 push 0 pre-installed proposals, internal voting 100% approved.

3. Mei Magazine

Mei Magazine is a completely self-made publication by Meiyou. Due to the high production level, the team received an offer from Meizu.

4. J.Wong’s former name

Before 2003, J.Wong’s online name was “All-round Domestic Products”.

5. Origin of Flyme’s name

Flyme’s name is inspired by “Around the Flying House”.

6. Origin of mascot

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The mascot PANDAER comes from the MX2 front black and white King Kong Panda mobile phone.

7. The most thrilling and touching moment

In the 512 earthquake, Meizu Xi’an Service Center felt obvious. An employee’s first reaction was to protect the customer’s products first, and spent most of the night in the square with a backpack full of customer products.

8. The most inspiring on-boarding story

Because of his love, a Meizu friend rode from Shandong to Meizu headquarters in Zhuhai, and finally joined Meizu.

9. Stick to the start-up employees

After 18 years of fighting all the way, there are six top ten employees who are still on the front line. They are all one of the earliest foundation builders of Meizu.

10. Who is the first person in Meizu product demand?

J.Wong is the person with the most demand for products in Meizu company, with a cumulative demand of more than 10,000 yuan.

11. Project M7

All about upcoming galaxy watch Active 3

The M7 project is real, but it was not launched later.

12. Meizu KTV must-order golden songs

“The Brightest Star in the Night Sky” and “Chasing Dreams and Heart” are must-have tracks for Meizu employees on KTV.

13. Spokesperson selection

There was a heated discussion internally about who to ask for endorsement, and finally thought that the product was the best spokesperson.

14. The most expensive exhibits

Xiaofang Kiln before the 2020 Chinajoy Meizu 17 Exhibition was an employee who personally escorted the exhibits to the exhibition, because agents dare not bear the sky-high insured amount.

15. The birth of the “Find Mobile Phone” function

The idea of “finding mobile phones” function originated from the fact that the product manager’s mobile phone was stolen when he went out and got angry.

16. Vehicle retention rate of Meizu employees

Meizu’s per capita share of vehicles is as high as 65%, so it made the easy-to-use function of Flyme driving mode early.

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17. The bus stop sign was renamed due to Meizu.

The original name of Meizu bus platform is “Baisha Economic Port”. (According to gossip), because Meizu has a great influence in Zhuhai, it was later renamed “Baisha (Meizu)”.

Apple ipadmini6

18. Meizu 18 series sold worldwide

In addition to the domestic market, Meizu has also brought good products to Meizu friends around the world through overseas e-commerce platforms and dozens of partners. Now you can place an order #Meizu 18 series #5G safe and pure flagship.

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18 small things that Meizu has never announced: Huang Zhang’s early screen name “Almighty Chinese Products” https://www.duzline.com
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