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6 Best WordPress Blog Theme Of 2020: Free and Pro SEO Friendly

6 Best WordPress Blog Theme Of 2020: Free and Pro SEO Friendly https://www.duzline.com

Themes always play an important role when it comes to SEO, as it is the front face of the site and the end-user interacts with your site using the theme layout and I have named the Top 5 Best WordPress in 2020 Listed blog themes.

These themes are faster responsive, SEO friendly and ranked in the top 10 lists.

Blog websites can be of different types such as some general blogs, another news blog, some more affiliate sites, and other comparison or odd websites.

So the following collection of the best WordPress blog themes will answer all your questions which are available in their free and paid versions.

And I will also show this topic, I have been using my site for a long time.

When choosing a WordPress theme, make sure you identify one that is suitable for both mobile and desktop versions, and it should load in a second.

Actual For Mobiles AMP(Accelerator mobile pages ) is Best Option If You want to see How to Look AMP website Visit https://www.duzline.com/

Did you know that there are over 11,000 WordPress themes circulating in the market and not every theme is perfect for your blog but the few that I will list below will be the ultimate solution for any type of blog? ۔

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Best & SEO Friendly Blog Themes Of 2020:


I let you get to each of them and highlight the focus area of each theme so that you can find the best WordPress blog theme.

OceanWP-Lightweight Fastest Theme

If you are looking for A lighter and faster and cheaper then Ocean WP would be the best choice.

OceanWP is a theme based on the best fit eCommerce store, so many WordPress eCommerce store sites are using OceanWP as their primary choice.

I’ve used this theme in the past and as I scrolled through this page I found it to be one of the fastest and lightest themes and it runs like a slider.

OceanWP offers advanced features such as desi basket popups that grab the attention of readers when they add anything to the shopping cart or add a floating addition to the cart bar or quick view.

OceanWP currently records 2,199,000 downloads, and a large user base is actively using OceanWP on its site and growing.

It integrates seamlessly with page builders like Element, Dewey and Parwan Architect in the best WordPress blog theme for an eCommerce site.

OceanWP also offers a free and pro demo with a one-click import option to apply to your site within a minute.

Ocean WP is available in both Free and Pro plans.

Free plans like others will have some restrictions with white labels, typography, colours, header navigation, etc.

Their basic plan fits well with a single site and is available for annual and lifetime updates.

Ocean WP Personal 39 / year personal plan has limitations with site usage.
The Ocean WPK plan 159 / Lifetime personal plan limits the use of a site.
Initially, you can start with their free plan and experience the site loading speed and if you find the best fit you can buy their license key.

Astra-Ever Most Responsive Themes:

Astra is one of the most popular and lightweight fast-growing themes. It’s not like a Divi page builder but it’s just a theme.

This theme is compatible with any page builder and is suitable for any type of site. I have used this built-in template for my e-commerce site, a business blog and many other websites.

This is an evergreen and best fit theme and you won’t regret it when you have plenty of these built-in templates through Astra.

More than 6ooK people create their own site using Astra and it easily integrates with any type of page builders such as Thread Architect, Element or Divi.

Astra is known for its fastest loading speed and claims that their theme loading speed is less than 500 ms.

Astra offers seamless WooCommerce integration to turn your WordPress blog into an eCommerce store, which is incredible.

Astra is free to use but has some limitations in terms of customizing the navigation menu, WooCommerce integration, font colour and size.

So you have two choices to buy.

  • Austra free
  • Astra Pro
  • But as a beginner, you can start using the Astra free version and find the fastest page loading speed and light performance.

Astra offers a collection of more than 20+ free starter site libraries for instant import and use under their Astra Pro plan. does.

If Astra Pro is ready to buy, they offer

Unlimited Website Usage for Ast 59 / Year Astra Pro.
Unlimited Website Usage Website Ast 249 / Astra Pro for Lifetime Access.
Plus they have a few mini and business bundle plans that you can find on their pricing models.

GeneratePress-Most Papular Blog Theme:

I like to Generate Press because it fits everyone’s budget. This theme is a great choice for any beginner as it is easy to customize without any technical hassle.

I have been using Generate Press on Five sites and even the blog you are reading on Blogs is using Generate Press.

This theme is a very responsive and perfect lightweight theme for WordPress Blog and it has more than 2,413,000+ downloads.

The overall size of the theme is less than 30 Kb and is easily compatible with PV builders like Divi, Thrive Architect and Elementor.

Under their site library, they offer free and ready-made templates for one-click installations to get the site up and running quickly.

GeneratePress is available in both Free and Pro plans and like other themes there will be some restrictions on free projects like typography, font colour etc.

When it comes to pricing plans, Generatorpress offers only one plan to use on unlimited sites for one year with a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee. $49.95.

If ready to renew, they offer a 40% renewal discount. Under the premium plan, you will have access to all premium modules with full access to the library.

NewsPaper – For News, Magazine Or Lifestyle Blogs

Newspaper is a very popular responsive theme for news-oriented blogs and was created by TagDave.

If you have a blog where you are publishing daily news then it is a good idea to start your site with one click then this theme may be the best and best-suggested theme.

You can use it primarily to review news, newspapers, magazines, publications or sites. This theme is AMP and mobile-friendly.

How to Look an AMP Version click on this Link https://www.duzline.com/

Newspapers and newsman are the most appreciated news related topics and if you don’t know, sites like Ober, Bitcoin, etc. are using newspaper themes.

But if you have food, lifestyle, personal or travel blogs, you can use it with a little twist.

The newspaper offers 23 free PRO demos to build your website in just one minute and has over 89,000 happy subscribers.

Pricing for the newspaper there will be $59 with 90 + one click with the unique demo.

Hestia – Easy To Use Free & Pro Theme

Hestia WordPress Theme is a free theme available in the library and I started my first blog using Hestia theme.

If you are not ready to invest a single penny, this theme will be the best choice for beginners.

Customizing using Hestia will be much easier and the features provided in Astra, such as the home page’s Parallax feature, can give your website a forward look.

They have some limitations under their free plan like typography, font colour, white label etc. but under their pro plan, you can find a lot.

The Hestia Pro plan also offers WooCommerce integration and comes in a one-click installation with the customizer and free demo templates.

Their basic pricing plan starts with:

Year $69/1 year subscription for a site

Life $199-lifetime access to a site

Okay, I suggest, if you are thinking of using a free theme then Hestia would be the best choice but for a pro, I recommend using other themes suggested above.

All of the above themes are among the best-suggested WordPress blog themes.

In short, if you have an e-commerce site starting with Ocean WP and just a simple blog, not technically fast, go with Generators.

If you have some budget then explore Astra and need a lightweight clean and SEO design perfect theme without any design pattern, then go with Generators.

Let me know which theme you like the most and are ready to use on your blog.

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