Abandoning the LCD screen iPad mini 6 is an obvious upgrade: full screen + under-screen fingerprints

Abandoning the LCD screen iPad mini 6 is an obvious upgrade: full screen + under-screen fingerprints https://www.duzline.com

Apple generally holds three conferences every year, namely the spring new product launch conference, the WWDC developer conference and the fall new product launch conference.


due to some special reasons, Apple has decided not to hold a spring new product launch this year. The new products originally scheduled for the spring launch may be launched at the WWDC21 Developers Conference in June, including the new generation iPadmini.

Earlier, foreign netizens exposed the iPad mini 6? High-definition renderings and some configuration information, broke the news that the iPad mini 6 will adopt a full screen + Touch ID solution.

Now, foreign media have sent out the iPad mini 6 model for the first time, which is basically the same as the previous news. It adopts a full-screen design, the screen is indeed embedded with Touch ID, and the body is more rounded.

According to the model data, the size of the iPad mini 6 will be 20.32×13.46×0.63cm, the diagonal length of the screen is about 9.15 inches, and the corresponding screen is 7.9 inches.

It is worth mentioning that the previous news broke that Apple may also have a larger screen size version, which is expected to be between 8.5 and 9.5 inches.

In terms of core parameters, the iPad mini 6 will be equipped with the A14 bionic chip, which is currently one of the most powerful mobile processors.


The A14 processor has 6 cores, which are 4 energy-saving cores and 2 performance cores. In terms of performance, compared with the previous generation iPad Air’s A12 processor, it has increased by 40%.

In other respects, iPad mini 6 will provide three storage versions of 64/128/256GB, and support Apple Pencil 2nd generation.

The new generation of iPadmini has a large upgrade and may increase its price. However, the market positioning of the entry-level tablet will still not change. The editor predicts that this tablet may become the cheapest A14 product at present.

Judging from the information released this time, the new generation of iPadmini’s support for under-screen fingerprint recognition technology may be a major signal. Perhaps consumers can also see the return of Touch ID on this year’s iPhone 13 series phones.

From another point of view, the return of Touch ID under the screen also means that after the iPhone 12 series completely canceled the LCD screen, the new generation of iPad mini series will also abandon the LCD screen.

As a result, the entry-level iPad is expected to fully adopt OLED screens, while the higher-end version of the iPad is expected to use the latest mini LED display technology.

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Abandoning the LCD screen iPad mini 6 is an obvious upgrade: full screen + under-screen fingerprints https://www.duzline.com
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