Apple can move 10% of iPhone 12 production from China to India

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Apple is reportedly preparing to ship 10% of iPhone 12 production, from China to India.

So far, Apple is developing the iPhone 11, and iPhone XR in India, but plans are underway to introduce production of the iPhone 12.

Assembling partner Foxconn is preparing to launch the model in the country soon, according to business standard sources. The Tamil Nadu facility is reported to increase the current production of the other two models to include the models of the current generation.

Another assembly partner, Pegtron, is also considering participating in the production of the iPhone 12 in India. However, Foxconn’s work is set to begin shortly, with Pegatron’s model development expected to begin in late 2021.

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Apple is said to be preparing to ship 7% to 10% of its production capacity to India. Some equipment will be sold domestically and the rest will be exported.

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The move is also being considered to take advantage of the Government of India’s Production Linked concession scheme, which will provide a bonus for investment in Indian smartphone manufacturing. Apple’s assembly partners Foxconn, Western and Pegtern are all signed up to join PLI.

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Some product changes in India can also be seen as Apple’s attempt to diversify its supply chain from China Associates. Due to the sensitivity of international politics and the effects of the US-China trade war, Apple has reconsidered where its products are manufactured.

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In November, Apple was reported to be working with partners to diversify iPad and MacBook production in Vietnam.

We learned Something important about iPhone 13 Couple of Days
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