Apple & Foxconn negotiating For Electric Car: Exposed

Apple & Foxconn negotiating For Electric Car: Exposed

According to previous news, the technology giant Apple’s entry into the automotive field has basically become a reality,

But at this stage it has not yet been able to identify a partner, and the official, has not officially announced the matter.


As an important partner of Apple’s electronic products,

Foxconn naturally hopes to continue to cooperate with Apple in the automotive industry.

According to relevant media reports, Foxconn is currently conducting preliminary negotiations with Vietnamese automaker, VinFast on electric vehicle cooperation.

Foxconn hopes to acquire the company’s Electric Vehicles production, line to formally enter the field of electric vehicle foundry, and lay a foundation for Apple’s foundry. basis.

Exposure that Foxconn is negotiating to acquire Vietnam’s electric vehicle production line

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It is worth noting, that this is not the first time, that Foxconn, has set foot in the automobile industry.

Foxconn, has spent a lot of money to pull the bankrupt, Byton Motor back from the death boundary.

At present, Foxconn, has established Nanjing Futeng New Energy Automobile, Technology Co., Ltd.

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The industrial and commercial data shows that, the legal representative, of the company is Chen Qingya with a registered capital, of about 323 million yuan.

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The scope of business, shows that it includes the research, and development, of auto parts and the manufacturing, of auto parts and accessories.

Etc., wholly-owned by Foxconn affiliate Hongfujin Precision Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Foxconn will provide Byton Motors with manufacturing process, operation management experience and industry chain resources, to accelerate the mass production, of Byton Motors’ first model M-Byte.

Foxconn’s various layouts in the field of electric vehicles this year are considered to be preparing for Apple’s car foundry.

It is reported that Apple will select a partner for its first electric vehicle in the first half of this year.

Earlier, people familiar with the matter said that Volkswagen and Hyundai will be the preferred partners of Apple Cars.

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But traditional car companies are more resistant to the OEM for Apple, and Foxconn’s strong entry may bring a new development to change the development of this matter.

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Apple & Foxconn negotiating For Electric Car: Exposed
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