Apple releases new beta version of iOS 14.5: new features and new battery calibration tools are coming

Apple releases new beta version of iOS 14.5: new features and new battery calibration tools are coming

Earlier today, Apple released a new test version of iOS 14.5, which brought many new features, such as a new battery calibration tool.

In the new system,Apple officially stated that it will bring a new battery health report system,

which will recalibrate the maximum battery capacity and peak performance capacity of iPhone 11,

iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max to solve the battery health report estimation encountered by some users The problem of inaccuracy.

Symptoms of this problem include unexpected battery consumption behavior and, in a few cases, a decrease in peak performance capacity.

Such inaccurate battery health reports cannot reflect actual battery health issues.

The maximum battery capacity is determined by a set of algorithms and data measured during battery use. Over time,

these algorithms may be updated to provide the most accurate estimate of the maximum battery capacity.

When the battery health reporting system is being recalibrated, the user will see a message in “Settings”> “Battery”> “Battery Health”.

The recalibration of maximum capacity and peak performance capacity occurs during the normal charging cycle.

This process may take several weeks. During the recalibration process,

the displayed maximum capacity percentage will remain unchanged.

The peak performance capacity may be updated, but most users may not notice.

If the system has previously displayed a message that the battery health status is declining,

This message will be removed after the update to iOS 14.5.

After the recalibration is completed, the maximum capacity percentage and peak performance capacity will be updated.

The recalibration information will also be removed, indicating that the process is complete.

In addition,Apple has added two new Siri sounds (English) in iOS 14.5. At the same time,

Apple also added a new initial selection interface to facilitate users to choose their favorite Siri voice,

instead of directly providing users with a female version of Siri.

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Apple releases new beta version of iOS 14.5: new features and new battery calibration tools are coming
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