Apple Spring 2021: iPhone is bringing exclusive products

Apple Spring 2021: iPhone is bringing exclusive products

According to a report Apple Spring event of 2021 may be very close. Historically, the Capertino-based tech giant holds special events in March to announce something new.

AppleApple has not yet officially announced its spring season 2021, but this time there are rumors of upgrades to the Pad Pro, AirPods, and Apple TV. The company is also expected to bring a new iMac with its expected air tags and fresh design. In this year’s March program, Apple may surprise us with something else.

In 2019, Apple used its Spring Season event to bring new services, namely Apple TV +, Apple Card, Apple News +, and Apple Arcade. The company did not host a similar event in 2020 due to the corona virus epidemic, although it did make some new announcements. These include the Pro 2020 and the latest MacBook Air based on Intel processors.

This year, Apple may host a virtual event to unveil its new hardware. These could include the new iPad Pro, Apple TV, AirPods, and the latest models. The event may also launch rumored air tags. If we believe some rumors, Apple Spring Season 2021 could be on March 16. However, Apple still has to send invitations and confirm the exact date.

Meanwhile, below you can take a look at a quick summary of the products that Apple is expected to unveil in its program next spring 2021.

IPad Pro (2021)

It is said that one of the upcoming devices that Apple may launch in its Spring Event 2021 is the iPad Pro (2021), which is rumored to come with a mini LED display. Newer iPad Pro models may include 5mm support and a new Apple chip. Apple could further enhance the experience with the display later this year.

Apple TV (2021)

Apple is expected to upgrade the Apple TV with some changes to the unit it introduced three years ago. Apple TV (2021) may add some hardware levels, including the A12X chip and 64GB and 128GB storage options to provide an advanced TV viewing experience.

AirPods 3 AKA AirPods (2021)

In addition to the new iPad Pro and Apple TV models, the unveiling of Apple’s next-generation AirPods model is speculated to call AirPods 3 or AirPods (2021). The new model is rumoured to resemble the AirPods Pro in design. Apple is likely to replace AirPods Pro’s system in-package (CIP) technology with existing Surface Mount technology, offering alternative audio, advanced recognition for Siri commands, and an advanced noise cancellation.

IMac (2021)

Apple is also expected to bring a new iMac this year that could come with a fresh design. The iMac (2021) also has the potential to have Apple’s M1 chip for better performance than current Intel-powered iMac models. However, in addition to those launched last year, Apple’s Silicon-based MacBook model is also expected to arrive later this year. There are also rumors from Apple that it will include a 24-inch iMac in the works, which could begin next month.

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Last but not least, Apple is expected to bring the much-awaited air tags to its Spring Season 2021 program. The company said the Bluetooth tracker, which was designed to pick up tiles, is said to have a waterproof design and magnetic charging. It is also likely to come with a removable battery. Air has quietly upgraded its Find My app to make it easier to track lost items with AirTags. Additionally, some recent iOS builds include references to air tags. However, Apple has not yet officially confirmed the progress.

Apple Spring 2021: iPhone is bringing exclusive products
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