Apple’s new iPad Pro bets on Mini LED screen: it will become a new trend in the industry

Apple’s new iPad Pro bets on Mini LED screen: it will become a new trend in the industry

Apple’s first press conference in 2021,

Apple released the new iPad Pro as scheduled. In addition to matching the M1 chip, the new iPad Pro also supports 5G networks.


Mini LED backlight technology is used for the first time in the 12.9-inch version. This new display technology can achieve a high contrast ratio of 1000000:1 and a full-screen brightness of 1000 nits., And the peak brightness of 1600 nits, compared with the traditional liquid crystal display technology has a significant improvement.

In fact, the wave of Mini LED backlight technology did not start to rise recently,

but since in the early stage of this technology, the manufacturing cost and actual experience have not yet reached the amazing level of today, so it has not aroused consumer enthusiasm. Most people don’t understand.

In principle,Mini LED is a backlight module made of tens of micrometers LED crystal, which is between traditional LED and Micro LED.

It is small and fine, has good light control effect, and has special-shaped cutting characteristics, low production difficulty, high yield, and can achieve a balance between excellent display ability and cost.

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On this “new track”, TCL, as a well-known domestic smart technology brand, is the first to carry out research and development.It is also the world’s first manufacturer to achieve mass production of Mini LED TV. Its TCL Mini LED smart screen has become a hot product in the market as soon as it is released.According to data, TCL Mini LED smart screens account for over 90% of the global Mini LED TV sales in 2020.

Not only that, with such advantages,

TCL has not stopped investing in research and development. In this year’s CES2021, the latest upgraded OD Zero Mini LED technology was launched to the world, and it has been successfully mass-produced equipped with this technology. The product.

As the Mini LED technology is becoming more and more mature, more TV manufacturers have begun to join in, hoping to differentiate themselves with this technology and continue to make efforts in the high-end TV field.

Therefore, in order to be able to provide a set of effective standards for the industry and allow consumers to experience the real charm of Mini LED TVs, in March 2021, the Mini LED Backlight Special Committee was established. TCL has a number of advantages in technology and products. Serving as the team leader unit.

Apple has always been a recognized technology indicator.

The application of Mini LED technology to portable products such as the iPad is bound to set off a new trend in the industry.

Throughout the development history of display technology,

Japan, South Korea and European and American countries have always been able to walk in the forefront of the world, but now Mini LED technology may become an important turning point, because in this technical field, the world has been formed. Look at China, and look at China Star’s new situation in China.

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Apple’s new iPad Pro bets on Mini LED screen: it will become a new trend in the industry
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