Become a premium car in seconds!Toyota 4S shop offers “modified” Lexus kits

Become a premium car in seconds!Toyota 4S shop offers “modified” Lexus kits

Pengci common brand luxury cars, car circle can be considered unique tradition, such as the fire a few days before the official Thai people SR9,4S shop directly “to change the standard” service, the owners of 100,000 into the 4S shop to mention the car, turned on the The Porsche “Macan” was drove for 6 to 700,000 yuan.

However, today, Toyota 4S stores have also learned this skill, only imitating their own luxury model Lexus, and ordinary Toyotas have also become premium cars in seconds.

A few days ago, a group of pictures uploaded by netizens showed that a Toyota RAV4 was changed to a Lexus front face. If it weren’t for the Toyota logo to reveal its identity, many people would really think it was a Lexus.

It is worth noting that this modification is not the owner’s personal modification. Judging from the body advertisement of this Toyota RAV4, this car is a work car for a 4S shop. It has to be said that the modified Toyota RAV4 is also quite coordinated and beautiful, and it did not destroy the shape of the front face of the vehicle because of Lexus’s iconic air intake grille.

In addition,

it is worth mentioning that although the front face of the grille has been modified, this Toyota RAV4 is not considered an illegal modification.

my country’s modification regulations stipulate that

as long as the internal parts and the arrangement of the headlights in the car are not changed,

the replacement of the air intake grille is allowed. At the same time,

after the modification is completed,

you must go to the vehicle management office for the corresponding filing,

and take a new photo to replace the driving license.

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Become a premium car in seconds!Toyota 4S shop offers “modified” Lexus kits
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