BMW CFO says he’s “sleeping very well ” Don’t Care of threat posed by Apple’s car.

BMW CFO says he’s “sleeping very well ” Don’t Car of threat posed by Apple’s car.

According to a report When asked about the potential danger posed by the rumor, BMW CFO Nicholas Peter said he was “sleeping very soundly”.

According to Bloomberg, Peter ignored rumours that Apple would drive an electric self-driving car in the 2020s,He added that BMW could benefit from shifting to electric cars and moving away from private car ownership.

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When Peter was asked about Apple, he said, “I sleep very well.” “Competition is a great thing. It helps motivate others. We are in a very strong position and we want to remain at the forefront of this industry.”

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BMW currently has a number of initiatives aimed at providing an alternative to vehicle ownership. This includes partnering with Daimler in an effort to provide taxis and a jointly owned parking app business.

“We will not go beyond digital dynamic services, especially in inner urban areas. We have changed our driving behavior. We are preparing to reduce the access of private vehicles to these cities,” Peter said. That’s why we need these mobility services. ” .

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Apple is known for working on an autonomous vehicle platform that could eventually be used in Apple’s branded production vehicle. The company is said to be in talks with Hyundai to develop the car by 2024, although discussions have since ended.

Tech giant Capertino has been building electric cars since 2014. Since then, Apple has filed numerous patent applications for car technology and has hired key employees for cars from companies such as Tesla and Porsche.

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Some analysts believe that the “Apple Car” could pose a competitive threat to existing electric car players such as Tesla.

BMW CFO says he’s “sleeping very well ” Don’t Car of threat posed by Apple’s car.
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