BMW iX landing in North America early next year, the price surpasses X7

BMW iX landing in North America early next year, the price surpasses X7


BMW revealed that its large all-electric SUV “iX” is scheduled to land in the North American market in early 2022, with a starting price of US$85,000. It will open for reservations in June this year:

For comparison, the rear-wheel drive version of the X5 3.0 beggar version starts at $59,400; the four-wheel drive X5 3.0 beggar version starts at $61,700.

The pre-sale price of the iX is even more expensive than the 3.0 version of the X7, which starts at $74,900, which is close to the X7 M50i (4.4-liter displacement, starting at $99,800).

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iX’s xDrive 50 model is equipped with front and rear dual motors, which can output 500 horsepower and achieve a hundred results in less than 5 seconds.

Vehicle has a built-in 100-kilowatt-hour battery with an estimated cruising range of 480 kilometers. It can provide 120 kilometers of cruising range after 10 minutes of charging in the fast charge mode.

In addition, IND Distribution, which specializes in performance car modification,

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used a horsepower machine to test the on-wheel power of the latest generation of G82 pedigree M4:

The rear-drive model of this new car that has just left the factory has 465 horsepower @6780rpm and 554 N·[email protected] on the horsepower machine:

The official nominal power of the M4 is: 473 horsepower @6250 rpm; 550 Nm torque @2650-6130 rpm.

Taking into account that the new car has not yet run-in, the measured value is not much different from the nominal value.


If 15% of the transmission efficiency is calculated, the shaft power of the M4 is as high as 547 horsepower/650 Nm.

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It seems that there is a certain degree of credibility in the long-term urban legend that BMW uses on-wheel power to calibrate vehicles in the rim.

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BMW iX landing in North America early next year, the price surpasses X7
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