BOE OLED screens are recognized by the giants!Samsung will use it after Huawei

BOE OLED screens are recognized by the giants!Samsung will use it after Huawei

According to South Korean media reports, BOE , a leading Chinese display company, has successfully entered the Samsung supply chain,

and is expected to supply panels for Samsung’s new foldable mobile phones, in the second half of this year.

BOE Supplying.

According to reports, this time BOE is supplying a flexible OLED panel, that Samsung is good at.

It will be used in Samsung’s Galaxy M series of mobile phones, which is positioned as an economical product, in the Samsung family.

It is worth mentioning, that BOE had previously tried to provide flexible OLED, panels for the Samsung Galaxy S series, but failed at that time.

The report also said that Samsung’s cooperation with BOE has finalized specific standards, for its supply of panels,

as well as related components such as driver ICs, and touch ICs for use. The production, date has been set in July this year.


BOE’s entry into Samsung’s supply chain is limited to economic models, this is of great significance to BOE. Entering Samsung’s screen, supply chain has shown that BOE’s screen level, quality and price have reached Samsung’s standards.


It is reported that BOE provided Samsung with an amazing offer this time. Although we don’t know how much it is, from the perspective of Samsung itself as a leading screen company,

I believe BOE must have provided a very low quotation.
After all, the price is too high. Samsung You can use your own screen.

Of Course.

There is another possibility that Samsung’s OLED screen production capacity is insufficient. Recently, there have also been reports that the global chip shortage has affected Samsung’s OLED display supply.

Therefore, in order to relieve the shortage of OLED screens, it is not impossible for Samsung to purchase third-party screens in the low-end models.

In addition, according to an industry insider, “there is likely to be more transactions between the two companies in the future.”

For the domestic enterprise BOE, flexible OLED technology has developed rapidly in recent years. Huawei’s folding screen mobile phone Huawei Mate Xs is exclusively supplied by BOE, and now it has received an order for Samsung’s folding screen.

It is believed that with the continuous increase in shipments, BOE is expected to further enhance the company’s overall competitiveness in the future.

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BOE OLED screens are recognized by the giants!Samsung will use it after Huawei
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