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UK judge rules no discrimination after ‘Allahu Akbar’ written on training bomb

LONDON: A Muslim train driver in the UK has lost a religious discrimination claim he made after suing a security firm for using a fake bomb with the words “Allahu Akbar” on it as part of a training exercise.

Anis Ali, 36, launched a claim for compensation after he discovered that a fake suspicious package used to test security procedures had the Arabic words for “God is Greatest” on it, an employment tribunal heard.

Ali, who worked on trains operating between London and Heathrow airport, said seeing the words of Islam connected with the simulated terrorist device violated his dignity and created a “hostile environment” for him.

But his case was thrown out by a judge, who said: “Regrettably, this phrase has been used in connection with terrorist attacks.”

However, the court found in favor of Ali on two other claims of discrimination, over his colleagues reacting in a discriminatory way to him wearing “a Sikh kara bracelet.”

Two of his former colleagues, at separate times, claimed that Muslim men would wear a kara to attract and then rape Sikh girls.

One also sent an email to his boss that was extremely critical of Islam. Ali was awarded £2,000 ($2,737) in compensation for each of these claims.

He became a much-loved member of the community for volunteering hundreds of hours of his time for the National Health Service during the coronavirus pandemic. He has even had his name put in lights above London’s Oxford Street to recognize his work.


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