Details of how much Mian Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan spent on Sri Lanka tour-

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has saved millions of dollars by setting a new example of austerity during his visit to Sri Lanka. Imran Khan’s two-day visit to Sri Lanka cost 34,800 dollars.

Details According to the report, Prime Minister Imran Khan returned home after completing his visit to Sri Lanka. The tradition of not burdening the public exchequer for Imran Khan’s visit was maintained and millions of rupees were saved by not incurring unnecessary expenses.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s two-day visit to Sri Lanka cost 34,800, usd while Nawaz Sharif’s visit to Sri Lanka in 2016 cost 276,000 usd

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Before the visit, Prime Minister Imran Khan was briefed on various expenses and the Prime Minister removed unnecessary and additional expenses from the list while the visiting businessmen also went to Sri Lanka at their own expense.

On the other hand, Federal Minister Murad Saeed in his statement said that the Prime Minister once again set an example of simplicity and austerity and maintained the tradition of safeguarding the national treasury and people’s money in foreign tours.

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Murad Saeed said that the Prime Minister had saved millions of rupees from the national exchequer during his visit to Sri Lanka. Pakistan was best represented by the Prime Minister in minimum expenditure.

The Federal Minister further said that earlier the expenditure of the Prime Minister’s Office had been significantly reduced by 49 per cent. The expenditure of the Prime Minister’s Office has come down from Rs. 552 million to Rs. 180 million. Unnecessary Lao Lashkar in the tours, no camp offices in the country, no living expenses in the magnificent palace, no security, no royalties in the name of entertainment.

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