Elon Musk loses 15 15 billion a day after bitcoin warning

After Tesla’s shares fell 8.6 percent on Monday, Elon Musk is no longer the richest man in the world, clearing his net worth of 15 15.2 billion.

Bloomberg According to Tesla’s fall, Musk’s comments over the weekend were that the price of the bitcoin and its smaller rival, Ethereum, “looks high.”

His message, via his favorite Twitter account, came two weeks after Tesla announced it had added 1.5 1.5 billion to the bitcoin in its balance sheet.

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Earlier on Monday, Musk tweeted that Tesla’s Y Standard Range SUV would be “off the list”.

Musk fell to second place in the Bloomberg Billionaire Index of the 500 Richest People in the World at 18 183.4 Billion, as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos regained his position for the first time, after his fortune of 3. 3.7 billion yesterday The decline was 186.3 billion.

Two billionaires switched to the spot this year, when Tesla’s price fluctuated, and Musk briefly overtook Bejus after raising $ 850 million from his rocket company, SpaceX, earlier this month. Increased, and the company’s value increased by 60% since August.

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Bezos topped the rankings for three consecutive years before January, when Musk surpassed the major e-commerce company by 4,794%.


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