Experience comparable to iOS! Redmi K40 hi mention MIUI 12.5 stable version

Xiaomi officially released the latest generation of MIUI 12.5 system in December last year. Although MIUI 13 has not been launched directly, the official said that this upgrade is no less than a major version update.

With the unremitting efforts of Xiaomi’s software engineers, it finally started to push the MIUI 12.5 stable version system update to the first batch of models 4 months after the release.

According to feedback from relevant netizens,

As the strongest flagship of the Redmi brand, the K40 series has received the MIUI 12.5 stable version update. Users can go to the system upgrade page in the settings to get the push.
It is reported that,The brand-new MIUI 12.5 focuses on security and privacy, super wallpaper, dynamic design, tactile design, system optimization, etc. The experience is comparable or even surpassing iOS.

In terms of fluency, MIUI 12.5 rewrites the System UI, reducing the memory usage of core scenes by 20%. Carrying out special razor projects,

optimizing the system apps one by one, and reducing the average background memory usage by 35%. At the same time, the light cone motion architecture is further upgraded to build a gesture-specific thread, which prioritizes gesture operations and responds quickly.

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At the same time, MIUI 12.5 also pays more attention to user privacy protection, adding four major functions: smart clipboard privacy protection, file sandbox mechanism, web browsing privacy protection, and location information privacy protection, to defend user data with the strictest privacy standards in the world. Rights, in some respects, even surpass the world’s leading iOS.

have to be aware of is,

The DC dimming function that many users have been waiting for before will be absent from the stable version of the system.Zhang Guoquan, the director of Xiaomi’s mobile phone system software department, has made it clear that the DC dimming effect of the Redmi K40 series is unacceptable. Users who like toss can experience it through the development version, and will not update in the stable version.

In addition, the Redmi K40 Gaming Edition,

another flagship model of the K40 universe, will also be officially launched today. It is Xiaomi’s first model with the MIUI 12.5 system pre-installed at the factory. It has a completely different positioning and experience from the K40. Users who like it can go to the official website and the electronic product station to check.

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