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F-35s become a headache for US, admits failure

For the US Air Force, the latest fifth-generation F-35 fighter jets became a headache when they did not work.

One Reports According to the report, the Chief of Staff of the US Air Force, General Charles Brown, while acknowledging the failure of the F-35 aircraft, said that the purposes for which these aircraft were built could not be achieved.

He said the problem that this 25-tonne aircraft had to solve was that it had now become the aircraft itself and now the United States needed a new fighter jet to solve the problems of the F-35.

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“The F-35 is like a Ferrari that you can’t use for your day-to-day work, just as you use the F-35 on a Sunday, so the F-35 is used once a week,” Brown said. ۔

Former US Air Force program manager Dan Ward recently said that the 100 100 million aircraft is costly to maintain and repair, so the aircraft is not very efficient.

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