Facebook bringing a better app than TikTok

Facebook bringing a better app than TikTok

According to a report, the Facebook Bar app is another attempt to work on tick-tock – this time targeting emerging rappers. The new app, developed by Facebook’s New Product Experience (NPE) R&D team, is currently available under closed beta testing. Facebook’s BARS app allows users to create and share reps using built-in tools. The NPE team says users don’t need any formal rap experience to create content using the Bar app.

Unlike traditional short video sharing apps, Facebook’s bars are specifically designed to create wrapping-style content. It includes pre-recorded beats that transform your words into professional style impressions. The app also suggests poetry using the poetry dictionary to keep you flowing. In addition, there is a challenge mode in which you will also get the ability to apply freestyle with auto-suggested word hints.

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Once you’ve completed your lyrics and flow, the Facebook Bar app lets you expand rap content. Provides you with a variety of audio and visual filters. You’ll find preloaded tools like Total Load, AutoZone, True Friend, and AM Radio to convert your sound output into a video.

The BARS app lets you export your rap videos and save them to your camera roll once you’ve finished refining. You can also share your content with others through social media platforms.

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Bars Community Manager DJ Iyer, who is also a hip-hop songwriter and past writer under the alias De Lux, said in a blog post that the spread of the coronavirus was a major factor in the development of the Bars app.

“I know that aspiring rappers may have limited access to high-cost recording studios and production equipment. In addition, the global epidemic has shut down live performances where we often create and share our work. “So, with a group of aspiring rappers, we’re building: a place for aspiring rappers to create and share their art.”

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The app is available for download through Apple’s US App Store and is initially only accessible to a small number of iOS users. You can also sign up for a waitlist in the app.

In May last year, the NPE team on Facebook introduced an app called Coulibe, which was launched in December to reach the public. Coulombe was also designed by the team as a tick-tock app but focused on music.

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In addition to Kolb and the newly launched Bars, last year Facebook began testing a short ‘video’ feature on its platform to make it tick-tock. The company’s subsidiary Instagram also brought Reels to its users for a tick-tock experience.

Facebook bringing a better app than TikTok
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