Finally Samsung Announce Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s Event!

Finally Samsung Announce Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s Event!

Finally Samsung Announce Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s Event!

Samsung has announced that its next Galaxy Unpacked event will be on Wednesday, August 5 at 10 a.m. ET. The company is expected to unveil its new lineup of Galaxy Note 20 devices, along with successors to its first foldable Galaxy Fold.

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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Specs:

Display6.87″ AMOLED

Samsung’s teaser tech is invaluable despite the quality of the invitation, although the copper colour does not match the line images of the Splash Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. July

Photo: Samsung Russia

Rumours are unexpectedly quiet about what to expect, despite the fact that an announcement is coming in less than a month. Although at least one original Note 20 Ultra device has already entered the world. The new flagship is expected to include a triple rear camera head, which includes a periscope-style lens, as well as a 4th sensor that can be seen with either a 3D to F sensor or a laser auto-focus. It is visible.

The springs are also expected to see normal collisions, including the addition of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 – or possibly the rumoured Snapdragon 865 Plus – as well as the S20 lineup earlier this year. Make 5G the default for new notices. Option for a 120 Hz refresh rate display. And of course, the Note 20 will feature the S Pen, possibly with a new move or sleeve.

Samsung also expects at least two Galaxy Note 20 models – a smaller Galaxy Note 20, and a larger Note 20 Ultra, although details are slow on what the difference will be (excluding size).

To join the branding of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip, follow the name of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 2, according to Samsung, following the name of the Galaxy Fold – possibly with the cut, the 7.7-inch large The display feature is rumoured to be similar to Samsung’s other flagship phones, the Out Camera. Rates are also expected to rise, although no details are available yet.

Finally, the show features the announcement of the Galaxy Z Philip 5G, courtesy of China’s Tina A Certification Center. The device will reportedly have a slight reduction in overall battery capacity compared to the Snapdragon 865 Plus processor and earlier LTE versions.

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