Flying cars are coming soon!He Xiaopeng said he will be able to sit by the end of 2021

Flying cars are coming soon!He Xiaopeng said he will be able to sit by the end of 2021

As one of the three major new energy vehicle manufacturers in China, Xiaopeng has formed a triangular competition with Weilai and Ideal.

However, Xiaopeng Motor’s founder He Xiaopeng’s dream is obviously not limited to the “ground”, but also to fly to the “sky”.

According to news on March 22, He Xiaopeng participated in the program “Meeting Big Coffee” on March 20, saying that flying cars could be built by the end of 2021.

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He Xiaopeng said that many people find it impossible. Today Xiaopeng has been exploring the field of flying cars for 7 years and has conducted tens of thousands of safe manned flight tests.
This is a brand new field and there is no solution to learn from. We have also felt the stones. The river has gone through many detours.

It is worth noting that this month Xiaopeng Motors announced the 2020 Q4 and full-year financial reports.

According to the financial report, according to GAAP calculations, Xiaopeng Motors’ total revenue in the fourth quarter was 2.851.4 billion yuan, a surge of 345.5% year-on-year and a year-on-year increase of 345.5%.

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The market expects 2.65 billion yuan ; adjusted net loss is 7.13 100 million yuan, a net loss of 1.097 billion yuan in the same period last year, and a market expected loss of 1.105 billion yuan.

The total revenue in fiscal year 2020 was 5.844 billion yuan, an increase of 151.8% year-on-year; the adjusted net loss was 2.992 billion yuan, compared with 3.719 billion yuan in the previous fiscal year.

As of December 31, 2020, Xiaopeng’s sales and service network has included 160 sales outlets and 54 service outlets, covering 69 cities.

Among them, 159 super charging stations under the Peng Auto brand have been in operation, covering 54 cities.


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Flying cars are coming soon!He Xiaopeng said he will be able to sit by the end of 2021
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