Follow Qualcomm Huawei!It is revealed that Apple’s self-developed 5G chip will be launched as soon as 2023

Follow Qualcomm Huawei!It is revealed that Apple’s self-developed 5G chip will be launched as soon as 2023

As we all know, many Apple mobile phone users have been plagued by “poor signal”. Since the news of Apple’s self-developed 5G chip came out, many people have pinned their hopes of solving the signal problem on Apple’s self-developed 5G chip.

So when will Apple’s self-developed 5G chips be available?

Tianfeng International analyst Ming-Chi Guo issued a report saying that the iPhone is expected to adopt 5G baseband chips designed by Apple as early as 2023. Qualcomm will be forced to win more orders in the low-end market to make up for the loss of Apple orders.

Guo Mingchi said that before Apple launched its self-developed 5G chip, the new iPhone still uses an external Qualcomm Snapdragon baseband to provide users with 5G network services. This means that in the future, Apple’s self-developed 5G chips will be integrated on the A-series processors.

Compared with mobile platforms

that integrate 5G basebands such as Kirin 9000 and Snapdragon 888, the external 5G baseband solution will greatly reduce the connection efficiency, and will increase power consumption, occupy more body space, and cannot provide users with the best users. Experience.


Now, in order to provide users with a better experience, Apple has determined to develop 5G chips, but it still faces a very severe test.

Since Apple itself has no accumulation of communication technology, the development of 5G chips is much more difficult than Apple’s A series and M series chipsets.

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It is worth mentioning that Apple acquired Intel’s smartphone baseband business unit in 2019,

Obtained approximately 2,200 Intel employees and more than 17,000 wireless technology patent portfolios for US$1 billion (approximately 6.8 billion). Apple has completed the accumulation of 2G to 4G communication technology to some extent.

Apple is developing 5G chips on the basis of Intel communication technology, which will greatly reduce the difficulty of research and development, but the development cycle of high-end communication chips is relatively long and cannot be applied in the short term.

On the other hand, Apple may seek differentiation in self-developed high-end 5G chips, which may further extend the development cycle.

In fact,

Apple’s research and development of 5G chips is not only to provide users with a more stable network connection experience, but the more important purpose is to no longer be constrained in the supply of core components.

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Follow Qualcomm Huawei!It is revealed that Apple’s self-developed 5G chip will be launched as soon as 2023
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