Following the surging S1, Xiaomi officially announced its self-developed chip: unveiled on March 29

Three departments released 18 new professions: making chips is justified

According to news on March 26, the official Weibo of Xiaomi mobile phone announced the announcement of self-developed chips at this spring new product launch.

The poster shows the keyword “My heart is surging”, which is the slogan used by Xiaomi when it launched the self-developed chip Surging S1.

Public information shows that Xiaomi held the “My Heart Surging” press conference in Beijing on February 28, 2017, and officially released its independent independent core “Surging S1”.

The Surging S1 uses an eight-core design and is based on a 28nm process. It contains four 2.2GHz A53 cores and four 1.4GHz A53 cores. The GPU is a quad-core Mali-T860. As the image compression technology is added at the same time, the memory bandwidth can be reduced.

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The first model of this chip is Xiaomi 5C . After 4 years, Xiaomi has once again launched a self-developed chip, which is expected to be used in the new products released by Xiaomi on March 29.

It is reported that this conference will launch at least three flagships: Mi MIX new products, Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra.Among them , the new Mi 11 series products are called “Android Phone King”, and there will be a significant improvement in imaging.

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Therefore, it does not rule out the possibility that Xiaomi will use self-developed chips. The details will be announced at the new product launch conference on March 29,

when Xiaomi Notebook Pro and Xiaomi’s new generation of air conditioners will also be unveiled on the same stage.


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Three departments released 18 new professions: making chips is justified
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