Fuel car disruptor!A variety of DM-i models unveiled at the BYD Auto Show with surprisingly low fuel consumption

Fuel car disruptor!A variety of DM-i models unveiled at the BYD Auto Show with surprisingly low fuel consumption https://www.duzline.com

On April 19, the Shanghai International Auto Show officially kicked off, and BYD also released several big moves at the auto show.

In addition to launching a new pure electric EA1 model,

BYD also brought a number of models equipped with DM-i system.The arrival of DM-i technology means that BYD will become a disruptor of fuel vehicles in the current domestic automobile market, bringing a brand new driving experience for fuel vehicles with incredible low fuel consumption and high power performance.

Yesterday, BYD Tang DM-i model was officially launched. Three new models were launched with the price range of RMB 189,800 to RMB 216,800. There are two models with a pure electric range of 52km and 112km.

Compared with the current Tang, the biggest change of Tang DM-i lies in the power level. The new car is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system composed of a 1.5T engine and an electric motor.The feed fuel consumption is at least 5.3L/100km, and the acceleration performance can run into about 8.5 seconds.For a medium-sized SUV with a curb weight of more than 2 tons, such performance and fuel consumption results are already excellent enough.

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It is matched with the lithium iron phosphate blade battery,

which provides two pure electric endurance models of 52km and 112km. For the 52km endurance model, the 0-100km/h acceleration time is 8.7s, and the fuel consumption is 5.3L/100km; while the 112km endurance model, the 0-100km/h acceleration time is 8.5s, and the fuel consumption is 5.5L/100km. .

at the same time,Both BYD Song MAX DM-i and Song Pro DM-i models have been unveiled, and new cars are expected to be launched in the next few months.In addition to the front face is more refined and durable, BYD’s latest family language is also used in the car. The shift area in the middle channel is equipped with physical buttons for vehicle control, which makes the vehicle more practical.

Song MAX DM-i models are similar in interior design to Song Plus DM-i models,

and they are all equipped with large-size LCD instrument panels. The Song Pro DM-i model uses an independent small-screen independent LCD instrument panel similar to the Qin Plus DM-i. This latest design of BYD has also received complaints from some netizens. Can you accept this?

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Compared with the exterior and interior parts,

the biggest highlight of the Song MAX and Song Pro DM-i models is also in the power part. After installing the BYD DM-i super hybrid system,Song MAX DM-i Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 1.5L. At the same time, the fuel consumption of the two vehicles is 4.4L/100km.

In addition, BYD DM-i models,Equipped with an EHS electric hybrid system,

there is no traditional dual-clutch or CVT, AT gearbox, direct drive by the motor mechanism, without the shifting frustration of traditional gearboxes.Therefore, the DM-i model can bring the same ride comfort as an electric car.

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Moreover, unlike the Japanese-branded gasoline-electric hybrid model, BYD DM-i is also a PHEV plug-in hybrid model, so it can hang a new energy exclusive “green card”, and the car can also enjoy preferential purchase tax exemption , This alone can save another 10,000 yuan.

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In general, in terms of configuration, power and fuel consumption, BYD DM-i models have considerable competitive advantages compared with joint venture brand gasoline-electric hybrid models on the market.
Moreover, the fuel consumption of electricity loss is generally below 5L, for car owners, the later car cost will be lower.

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Fuel car disruptor!A variety of DM-i models unveiled at the BYD Auto Show with surprisingly low fuel consumption https://www.duzline.com
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