Geng built an electric car by hand: it looks like a spaceship and can walk sideways.

Geng built an electric car by hand: it looks like a spaceship and can walk sideways.

Yesterday, the “Mudslide Inventor” was calledHandmade Geng brought an epic masterpiece: he built a concept car that can walk sideways.

He ran to the junk car stall firstI bought four motorcycle tires and went home to build four universal wheels with four-wheel drive.After that, the car’s skeleton is welded,

the wooden floor is laid, wiring, and control buttons are installed to complete the basic driving functions.

Subsequently, the whole body was sealed with a stainless steel plate.

According to the manual Geng, this design does not have any protrusions, even the rearview mirror. The purpose of this is to reduce the wind resistance generated during driving.

video Watch Here:

In terms of battery life, Geng manually installed 9 large batteries on this car.If you “run a long distance”, you can also hang an oil drum device at the back, with dozens of large batteries placed inside.

Its interior is also quite “luxury”,Most of the interiors are made of recyclable materials (that is, cardboard boxes),

and LED light strips add to the atmosphere. There is also a central control screen (32-inch TV), you can listen to music, watch TV, and even navigate.Manual Geng also installed a reversing radar function for it.

What is even more amazing is that there is also a metal arm on the front of the car, which can realize turning reminders and can compare gestures with other drivers.

Netizens commented after reading:

Brother Xie Geng built the car, @小米公司 Look at our video, let’s mass produce it directly

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Brother Geng is too far ahead of Lei Jun

The more I look at it, the more familiar I am, and finally when I see it driving horizontally and obliquely, I suddenly realize that this is not a cockroach.

I thought that Brother Geng was a little bit talented, but I didn’t expect to give me such a freshman job immediately. It was because I was superficial.

Have you noticed that in the early days, hand-made Geng was only made of relatively small hand-held weapons,

but now they are heavy crossbows and chariots,

which symbolizes that mankind has officially entered the era of heavy weapons. Fortunately,

there is no river in Baoding, otherwise you should be an aircraft carrier.

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Geng built an electric car by hand: it looks like a spaceship and can walk sideways.
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