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Greek fighter jets surround Turkish research ship in Aegean Sea

Turkey says four Greek jets have harassed a Turkish research ship in the Aegean Sea, but Athens has denied the allegations, prompting two NATO members to try to resume talks on maritime disputes. Are

Of security sources Reports According to reports, one of the Greek fighter jets that landed near the TCG Sesame vessel west of Lemonos Island launched a Chaf cartridge from two nautical miles (2.3 miles) away.

TCG Sesame was engaged in hydrographic survey activities at the time of the incident and is scheduled to continue its scientific and technical research in the region until March 2, according to its annual activity schedule.

Defense Minister Holosi Akar said Turkey “responded with the necessary response in accordance with the rules.”

“When we are doing scientific work, harassment is not appropriate, but it is not appropriate for good neighborly relations,” he told reporters in parliament.

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Chaf defense systems are found in most military aircraft and are used to launch heat and radar-fired missiles. Cartridges are launched either by pilots or by an automated on-board system.

Commenting on the incident, Akar said it was the second such incident of “constant harassment by our Greek neighbors”.

“Our case, the decision and the efforts we will make on this issue are clear,” Acker added. No one should doubt that. ”

Greece’s defense ministry says its air force is conducting a military exercise some distance from a Turkish ship and has denied any harassment.

“No Greek fighter jets flew near the Turkish plane,” the Greek Defense Ministry said.

Consulting Speaks

After a five-year hiatus, Turkish and Greek officials met on January 25 to discuss a decades-old dispute over the delimitation of maritime zones and energy resources in the Eastern Mediterranean. The allies have agreed to meet again in Athens, but Greece has escalated tensions.

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Ever since the talks began, formerly known as ‘Research Talks’, 20 Greek aircraft and several aerial elements have conducted military exercises in the area, in international waters northwest of the island of Skyrose. Included.

Greece also issued submarine activity notices on February 10-17, announcing that the islands of Bozba Baba (Aegis Aphrodite), Smoothras, Lemonos, Thassus, Lesbos, Chase, Cesara, Ahikeria and Samos, including Declared status. Its regional water.

It has issued a further notice that its submarines will practically fire in the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean between March 17 and April 27, followed by the sabotage of Bosba, Simotharas, Limonos, Lesbos, Chios, Pasara and more. Will also announce. Status Mess, as in its territorial waters.

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Security experts have described Greece’s activities as a clear indication of tensions and a barrier to compromise, negotiation, and negotiation.

Athens said it had sent an invitation to Ankara to resume talks before the EU summit in early March. Ankara has said it wants to continue talks and improve relations with the European Union, which supports Greece in the dispute.

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