How could be Portless iphone 13 restore data without a cable

How could be Portless iphone 13 restore data without a cable

According to a report and One of the many rumors we’ve heard about the iPhone 13 in the last few months is that a device may completely lose its power connection and be completely out of order. I have explained in more detail how to achieve this.

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Apple hardware and software engineers are looking for ways to recover the iPhone via the Internet, according to information obtained by AppleScience. This method uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth instead of physical cable to reset your phone.

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At this point, you can restore your phone to factory settings via iOS, but if your device doesn’t turn on or your software is corrupted, you’ll need to connect it to your PC or Mac ۔ The new system does not require this physical connection.

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Instead, the iPhone transmits a kind of support signal over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which facilitates a computer connection, according to Applosi. Alternatively, once the smartphone is online, you can launch the smartphone and perform the recovery process yourself.

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Apparently, these ideas are still being considered within Apple, and the Bluetooth option is currently the most popular among engineers because it could be a security issue (maybe someone resets the phone without your permission). )۔

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It doesn’t look like Apple has decided how to handle it, but this “Internet Recovery” approach is one that could permanently throw the iPhone 13 or any future iPhone into the Lightning port permanently.

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Of course, charging also needs to be exclusively wireless, and we speculate that Apple will eventually do the same on the iPad. According to Apple, Apple learned from the Apple Watch. If the software does not respond, it cannot be easily rebuilt without returning it to Apple.

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Apollosy is not the source we’ve heard so much about, so don’t take it for granted. But rumors are rife that Apple wants to make the iPhone portless in the next few years.

How could be Portless iphone 13 restore data without a cable
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