How to Add Google AdSense to WordPress: 2 Easy Step Verification Codes and Ads?

How to Add Google AdSense to WordPress: 2 Easy Step Verification Codes and Ads?

If you’re struggling with how to integrate Google AdSense into WordPress while adding verification code or placing ads in the right places on the website.

Then this guide is a step-by-step explanation that using the plugin or without the plugin, you can connect the WordPress site to AdSense and get AdSense approval and later make inactive revenue by displaying ads.

You may be struggling in both places, so I’ll give you bonus tips on how to get AdSense approval quickly and once you get AdSense approval, Google AdSense for your site Which plugin would be best for controlling or monitoring ads?

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This guide will cover in-depth steps with a description of how to add Google AdSense to WordPress, but if you are looking for a way to create an AdSense account and add AdSense code to your WordPress post, book this page. Mark

You can later use the guide’s idea to place another ad when placing ads on your website.

What is Google AdSense and how to create an account for Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a Google-owned advertising network that provides its publishers with the least amount of advertising inventory.

Google AdSense has two strong pillars:

  • Advertisers – They bid for a specific keyword to show their ads
  • Publishers – They publish content to display advertiser ads.

We are bloggers, publishers or content creators on our published content, AdWords display ads and, as a result, we pay for ad impressions and ad clicks.

If your site has a Click Through Rates (CTR) rate on AdSense ads then the amount earned will be higher than the impressions only because it will focus on driving more traffic to the website Is possible by reducing Bounce Rate

But do you know the difference between Google AdSense and Google AdWords?

What’s the difference between Google AdSense and Google AdWords?
Google AdSense is an inventory of ads of almost all sizes starting from $ 0.005 to $ 500 and AdSense is Google’s responsible agency that allows different publishers to display ads on their site.

If you place any AdSense ads on your site, the earnings commission will be split between AdSense and the publisher, and as the publisher of the content, you will receive about 68% and the rest will be in the AdSense bucket.

But Google AdWords is a platform for advertisers only, through which they bid for specific keywords.

If they win the bid, their ads for that particular keyword will be displayed on the publisher’s content.

Now, can I suggest you open a Google AdSense account?

How to open a Google AdSense account?

Opening an AdSense account means approving your website with Google AdSense. Let me know if you are unfamiliar with Google AdSense.

Submitting your first step in approving Google AdSense on your site to display ads on your site AdSense ads are not found on your site.

If the site is approved, only your site will start receiving AdSense ads.

Let me go through some simple steps on how to open an AdSense account.

  • Click here to visit the first Google AdSense homepage.
  • Click on the Start or Signup option and they will go to the signup window.
  • Enter the full domain name of your website in your website’s edit box below.
  • Provide a registered email address with Gmail to sign up for a Google Account.
  • At the bottom, select Yes to get timely suggestions from Google AdSense.
  • After working again, click the Save and Continue button.
  • In the next window, select your country in which you are currently living. Your earnings will be paid in local currency based on that country and all verification codes and communications will be sent to this address only.

Note: If you are temporarily living outside the country of permanent residence, then always choose your country of permanent residence because Google AdSense will not allow you to change that country.

If you want to change the country at this time, you will have to close the account and re-apply from the new country as there is no way to transfer the account.

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After providing the name of the country, you will see the option to accept the terms and conditions, so read the same and accept T&C.
Click here to create an account and you’re working with successful signup.
Once you sign up, Google AdSense will ask you to provide address details, so just fill in and submit the same, remembering that you can change the address at any time within the country but within the country. no.
Hurray !! You have successfully signed up for Google AdSense.

However, if you have not applied for Google AdSense, we will need to include the AdSense verification code with our website in order to send you approval. Has submitted to Google AdSense.

Now let’s move on to the next step: How to add Google AdSense to WordPress for verification?

How to add Google AdSense code with WordPress in the header?

Whenever you successfully sign up with Google AdSense, you will be given an AdSense verification code in your account, which contains some instructions and must be revoked before sending AdSense approval to the site.

Upon successful signup, your screen will look like the one below.

This complete AdSense verification code is included in the header of the WordPress website, ideally in your theme editor between the <head></head> tags.

I have to hide my Publisher ID, as this would be a unique ID for your AdSense account, but do you know why we need to integrate Google’s WordPress website with AdSense?

Because WordPress is a third-party content management suite and Google AdSense is a different product, communication between the two platforms is needed so that AdSense can place relevant ads on your site.

Now when it comes to how to connect a WordPress site to AdSense or enable AdSense on WordPress, then there are two ways.

  • Add Google AdSense verification code to WordPress without plugins.
  • Add Google AdSense verification code to plugin WordPress

Let me first guide you on how to add AdSense verification code to WordPress by placing it in the header tag of the theme editor.

How to add Google AdSense code in the WordPress header through theme editor?
Even on blogging to customize my WordPress website WordPress is used by almost every WordPress website owner third party theme, I am using OceanWP Lightweight Theme.

No matter what theme you’re using, adding AdSense verification code to your WordPress header tag will always be the same, so follow the steps below.

Go to the WordPress Admin Dashboard and go to Appearance >> Theme Editor.

  • After clicking on the theme editor, you will go to the theme’s backend coding and their selected headers. PHP is shown below and a new code related to the theme header area will appear there.

Note: Adding AdSense verification code to the theme editor can be a bit of a technical step and I do not recommend anyone to interrupt the existing theme code otherwise it may ruin your entire website.

Always, copy the full header.PPP code to a notepad, so during the number of times you copy-paste, if there is a problem, you can actually replace it with a notepad code copy already taken. ۔

While working with WordPress, there are not only Google AdSense but also many other codes that you need to paste in the header tag, such as.

  • Google AdSense
  • Google Webmaster
  • Google Analytics
  • Third party site monitoring.
  • So the best possible solution for adding AdSense or other verification code to the WordPress site header is using a plugin.

How to add AdSense code in the header of WordPress with the plugin?

In WordPress, it is easy to control almost everything using the free or paid WordPress plugin and the answers to your question about how to add Google AdSense verification code in WordPress are also a single solution. ۔

Header Footer is a free plugin with code manager name, just add this plugin to your WordPress plugin library like any other WordPress plugin.

Here are some simple steps to add a new plugin to WordPress.

WordPress Admin Dashboard >> Hover over the plugin >> Click to add new >> Find the plugin name “Header Footer Code Manager” >> Click to install >> Click on the move.

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Done, easy, easy and fast.

Now move on to the plugin configuration from the list of all installed plugins, here are the steps to navigate.

Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard >> Hover over Plugins >> Click Install Plugins >> Find Active HFCM Plugins >> Click on Configuration.

This time to add a piece to the plugin, in our case the snippet is to add the AdSense code in the header part of the WordPress, so follow the steps below.

  • Click to add a new snippet.
  • A new window will open in the snippet name that will provide a name similar to ours, we will name it Google AdSense Header Code.
  • Select the site display according to the site because the value of the code ensures the entire site, not any particular post or pages.
  • Leave posts and pages as blank, and go to Location and select the header, then paste your code between the tags.
  • Choose Display as a show device on all devices, covering mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • Select Active as Status and in the Snippet / Code Editor select the AdSense verification code in the past and click the Save button.

Done, you have successfully added the snippet and AdSense verification code to the WordPress site, go back to Google AdSense and repeat the steps that I have pasted the code on my site. Click and click Done.

If all goes well, your site will be sent for review and will wait until it is verified by Google AdSense.

Isn’t it easy?

Using these two methods, you can verify your WordPress site via Google AdSense but if you edit the head.php file manually and in the future, if you change the theme, the AdSense code will be removed from the site. Will be removed, so better plugin to use which will always be easy and dynamic.

Give me a brief idea for those who are asking how to add AdSense code to a WordPress post.

How to add AdSense code in WordPress post?

Once your account is approved by Google AdSense, you will be able to create different ad codes using your Google AdSense account.

As in Google AdSense, you have the ability to create manual ad units and the other is Google Auto AdSense ad code. Let me help you with how to create a manual ad unit and add it to a WordPress site.

Go to the account approved by your AdSense, then there will be the option of ads, if an account is approved then you will be able to click on it, just click on it and then click on the ad unit.

There are more than 4 options here but you have to remember with the new account, you will not have the option of link ads but you can choose one of them, here are the ads with the best fit display. Will

Click to display ads and a new window will appear with different ad sizes as you can see here we have three options:

But I will Explain the easiest way.

How to Add AdSense to a Post Using WordPress Plugin?
If you start putting manual ad codes on different posts or pages in a WordPress site, it will be a difficult task and there will be a chance that you will change the ad code in the future, so the best solution is to use it for free. WordPress Plugin.

I recommend that you use only one plugin and that is an ad insert, this will be the best solution to your ad space on your desktop or tablet site.

Q: Can we use the Ad Inserter to place ads on the AMP site?

Answer: No, if you are using AMP, do not place ads using Ad Inserter because AMP does not support JavaScript and if you place ads using Ad Inserter So you will have an index error in Google Webmaster.

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Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

  • Go to Plugins then click Add New and find the ad insert.
  • Click to install and activate the plugin.
  • Go to Installed Plugins and find the Add Insertor in the Installed Plugins list and click Settings.
  • There will be a window of 16 ad blocks in total, where each block can be used to place ads in different places on the website.
  • Select a block and place the AdSense ad code in it
  • In the Entry drop-down, select the position of the ad, as I have selected after the paragraph then provide the number of paragraphs. (You can select before post, after post, etc. in another block)
  • Once all entries are made, save the set.

Hooray !! This ad will now be displayed throughout the website at a specific location, where you can change the post or pages or the ad shown on the homepage by checking or unchecking the box.

Simple, easy and free process to place AdSense ads on WordPress website.

If you are unfamiliar with Ad Submitter, here is a list of 7 AdSense Ad Submit Plugins by WPBeginner. You can try the one you like the most.

I hope you know how to add Google AdSense to WordPress, but before you close this guide, here are some bonus tips for getting AdSense approval quickly.

How to get instant AdSense approval?

With the growing number of websites, it is important to get AdSense approval right away, but you have some guidelines that can ensure you are close to 100% AdSense approval.

Find below the strategy or checklist I follow to get instant AdSense approval.

  • Your website should have a custom domain, gTLD or CCTLD is preferable.
  • Your website domain must be longer than 4 weeks.
  • The website should have some essential pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy.
  • At least 10 posts must be pre-published and have an average content length of between 1000-1500 words.
  • Link your site to a social media account, which ensures the legitimacy of the site to the reviewer.
  • Do not copy and paste any literary or pamphlet from any website.
  • Don’t write, thin material which means a writing that is 300 words long.
  • If the blog is on WordPress, make sure you use the fastest hosting for fast page loading speed, I use Site Ground Hosting.
  • It is important to customize the website with a clean and tidy responsive theme, here I use OceanWP.
  • Some of the above checks are good to make sure your site is ready for Google AdSense approval and if all goes well then submit as described above and within 24 hours to 4 weeks wait.

The AdSense team will send you an email confirming whether or not your site has been approved.

Wrap up how to add Google AdSense to WordPress
I recommend using the plugin when it comes to adding verification code, as it makes your job easier and the code will be present with a website whenever you change the theme.

If you use a theme editor then the header.php section will be changed with the change of theme and you will need to add the AdSense code with the new theme of the website.

Once your AdSense account is approved for ad space, always use the plugin as an ad insert, which will make it easier to monitor AdSense ads in different places on your website.

I hope you like this master guide on how to add Google AdSense to WordPress, let me know in the comments which AdSense plugin you use and how many times you got AdSense approval in one go?

How to Add Google AdSense to WordPress: 2 Easy Step Verification Codes and Ads?
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