How To Create Backlinks For New Website: 5 Free Link Building Strategies

How To Create Backlinks For New Website: 5 Free Link Building Strategies

Backlinks are an important part of on-page and off-page SEO and they greatly affect Google’s rankings and creating backlinks is not an easy task so how to create backlinks for a new website.

Backlinks, in simple terms, are the process of creating a link to your website on another website that helps you rank your website at a certain level based on the authority you derive from another website. Is.

If you already own a website or blog, then you may have found organic backlinks with the number of posts already published and ranking on search engines.

But what to say about initial or backlinks for a new website owner is that it is a bit of a difficult task and some times they use some dubious techniques to get backlinks from spam websites.

Here we will learn in detail what backlinks are and why it is important for a website and how to create backlinks for a new website.

What are backlinks and why is it important?

The name of the backlink itself defines backlinks + means that someone is linking to your own website which is getting you from another website.

Each website has some options that can be obtained either through social engagement, Google ranking pages or backlinks from various authoritative websites.

The authority of any website can be ranked based on a factor called domain authority (DA), the more likely your website is to be ranked by DA.

Similarly, for each page you publish on your website, it will have its own option called Page Authority (PA).

SoDA and PA go together and rank on a scale of 0-100, which means that the number of authorities is high and will likely rank faster.

But the question here is how to increase Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) and the best answer is getting backlinks from strong authoritative sites.

There are three types of links to your website when you publish a post

  • Interconnected
  • Inbound link
  • Outbound link


Interlink is a part of on-page SEO, which is the process of linking pages to your website internally. Where you can link to your published post like any other published post via anchor text.

Outbound link

This part of link building is a strategy in which you link to another website by linking to another website in the anchor text of your website.

This reference may or may not follow, depending on the page you are referring to and whether you wish to link to it.

Inbound link

Getting inbound links is a difficult part and this is the main reason for increasing your domain authority and page authority of the website and it comes under off-page SEO technique.

An inbound link is a process where you get a link from another website to your own website.

If you do not know the types of SEO, then you must learn about search engine optimization.

In both cases, you are going through link juice which in other words we call credibility, where if a high authority site like Forbes, BBC is pointing to your website which makes Google think That your site has some valuable content and it will rank you fast.

The only importance of backlinks is to place your website’s footprint on another website which helps Google crawlers to move from that link to your website and increase your site authority.

Alternatively, it can also drive traffic to your website where if the user reads a post that an anchor text link to your site can click on it and the traffic comes to your site.

To learn more about backlinks and their types and how to check backlinks for free here, you can read the Backlinks Guide.

How to create backlinks for a new website

Easy to explain but very difficult to get backlinks especially if you have a new website. In the beginning, people make some mistakes that lead to penalties and traffic to their website, which causes them to drop out all of a sudden.

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So here are 5 best ways to learn how to build legitimate high authority backlinks.

Remember, don’t always focus on the number of quality backlinks because backlinks from high authority websites like Forbes, BBC will be equal to 20+ backlinks from low authority websites.

As a new website owner, if you are really looking for a successful blogging journey, you should follow this strategy to the end.

Building backlinks requires a lot of patience, first, every backlink will not be placed quickly and second, you will not easily get a chance to build strong backlinks.

Yes, creating backlinks through blog commentary alone is not so effective and if you really want to start right now then 1000 is a free tool to give you 1000+ free high DA sites for blog commenting opportunities. ۔

Below 5 is the best way to build backlinks for a new website.

Guest post on Higher Authority site

Guest posting is a great opportunity but it’s hard to find the right path and then you have to go through the site owner approval process.

Guest posting is not an easy task, in some cases, the higher authority site asks you for some money to publish your post or in other cases, some directories ask you for your post and review and approve it. In that case, the post is published.

Go to Google to get guest post opportunities and type in some words like a search engine.

  • Your keywords + guest post
  • Your keywords + guest post via
  • Enter your keyword + insert: for us
  • Your keywords + help
  • Submit your keywords + an article
  • This will give you a list of websites that accept guest posts for the keywords you specify.

First, check the website’s domain authority and spam score using the free DA-PA checker Chrome extension Mozbar, which states how authentic the website is.

If you have legal status, go to the website and look for opportunities for new ideas or posts. You can contribute to this website.

Drop the email to the website owner and ask if you are interested in contributing to a guest post on this topic and if they are happy with your ideas you will get an answer.

Write a unique article and share your post with them and ask them to provide do-follow backlinks to your website.

Imagine if you get backlinks from a website that is close to DA 80+, your site’s authority will increase and you will experience an immediate increase in traffic.

Creating backlinks is a slow process where the success rate is a bit low but if you get backlinks from highly authoritative sites the success rate is a bit low.

Broken link building techniques

This is the jewel if you can specialize in finding the opportunity to get backlinks from a broken link of a highly authoritative website.

In the process, you’ll need to locate Website A, which has already provided a link to another Website B, and the anchor text pointing to Site A is now broken because Site B changed the URL. Or deleted this post. .

It’s like a golden opportunity for you to help the site owner fill in the blanks with this post.

Take a look at the summary of this current post and review the post and find out the reason behind linking to another post.

Now the best thing to do here is to post a unique special post on your website then inform the site owner about the broken link and if they really want to fill this gap then you can post with your post. Ask for a link.

A small polite email draft for broken links such as:

Now wait for their replay in the next hour 48 hours if not then send a light reminder and if not still leave it and get another because still the post is directly on your website and you Owns this content.

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Now the question is how to find the link broken opportunity that is easy to use a tool like Ahref.

Go to Site Explorer and provide the domain name of the website for which you want a broken link.

Once you click on this filled “broken link” option, you will find all the links on the 404 page that are linked to your website but do not exist.

Now you know what you want and you can create your own search filters by providing your specific keywords.

Draft your email to your post and wait for a response and luckily you got the site owner’s attention you will get a quick reply and backlinks.

This is a great way to build backlinks and increase your chances of success because you are helping them by reporting issues with the existing site.

Offer the best content

This strategy works where you can ask the website owner to replace the existing linked page with yours.

The success rate in this type of link building can be very low unless you write some unusual content compared to the already linked material.

But it works best in an ultra strategy where you have to find the keywords first which is the problem with low keywords difficulty.

Now check to see if the high-end content is not strong enough to meet the user’s keyword intent and is only ranked because it is the only choice for Google to rank.

If this website has also got organic backlinks from another website as it may be due to a high ranking post, it means that you have found another ornament.

This time write the same keywords and a final content on the same topic and publish it on your website.

Open a pre-existing ranking website on keywords and put it in Adwords and see which website it has backlinks from. You can even use a free tool like Ubersuggest.

Now draft a polite message to the owner of this website and let them know about the content they have published and it is far more valuable than the website they have already linked to.

If you are able to control its attention, you will receive an answer and that you will get some admirable news and you will get authentic backlinks.

A small polite email draft for link replacement such as:

This email can turn your already published post into an authoritative post that is already linked to several authoritative sites.

The chances of a response are low or in some cases, they may charge you an admin fee so it’s all up to you but be sure to check the website’s authority and monthly traffic on this page.

Help out a reporter (HARO)

Harrow is a platform that connects the journalist to a source creator like you or me who is a small blogger and is looking for opportunities to get backlinks from highly authoritative sites.

Signing up with HARO is completely free but you can upgrade to a subscription plan if you wish. This is a place where you can sign up as I ‘m a resource that meets demand.

I signed up as a journalist for Forbes, Huffington Post, etc.

Three times a day, one in the morning, one in the second, one in the afternoon and three in the evening, you will receive an email from Hero with a list of titles and expected contents.

All you have to do is filter out the topic of your choice and write on it immediately and once you have sent an email with your written draft along with your bio and content you want to share.

Each e-mail you receive from HARO will contain the e-mail ID of a person or company to whom you must respond to a specific topic.

Your response to HARO’s email soon received a great chance of being shortlisted and published.

Below the screenshot is an overview of how you should respond, the first 2 paragraphs should be your bio and keep your content.

The length of the content here will depend on the need for the pitch. Sometimes only 2 paragraphs are good, other times they are around 1200+ words.

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The hero has a strong publisher from all over the world. Imagine if you hit the floor on time, you get a chance to get backlinks from a high authority website.

They will not use all of your content as they may be part of it or maybe complete so what are their expectations.

Never ask for backlinks because either they give you the default after publishing otherwise you can politely request a follow-up link to follow them, hence the last line of the post. Don’t forget to write

This will give them a positive signal that you are expecting something from this shared content and in most cases the quality of the backlinks here will be close to 70+ DA, so imagine how much promotion you get from the backlinks. Can

Backlinks from infographic

If you are a beginner and are looking for the best link building strategies and how to create backlinks for a new website then instant results of infographic backlinks can be found.

You can design a summary of your post in the story line and explain it by creating infographics in the post. An infographic is a visual display of storytelling where things will be explained according to the picture.

Visual representation always increases the chances of engagement. If you share these posts with any relevant site, there will be a lot of chances to get instant links to link to them.

Using social media you can promote your infographic and the chances of getting more engagements and shares on your post are very high which results in free backlinks.

You can get freelance services from Fiverr for حاصل 5 paying to create the best infographic and publish it on your website.

It is better to pay only 5 pay for infographic and then pay 40-50 for paid backlinks. The infographic also helps startups easily get more backlinks.

There are 100+ infographic directories where you can submit your infographic for free advertising and reach a wider audience.

You can find websites that already link to your website on infographics and now you can create a pitch to link them to you.

Top 5 Responses to Link Building Strategies for Building Backlinks for New Websites The bottom line is that Google has smart and effective ways to quickly rank high.

Bonus tips on how to find an email address

In all of the above techniques, we have learned almost every possible way on how you can get backlinks.

Sending an email or contacting the website owner The first thing you need is an email address that is not easy to get.

In some cases, for guest posting opportunities, be sure to include an email address with the appropriate content for your expected content and close word boundaries.

But in most cases, there will be no email address for broken link building and other backlink opportunities.

To help them, you can use the Chrome Extension Hunter, which helps you find the email address that links to this site.

However, whether or not your post ranks higher than retention depends entirely on the quality of the post, if it contains relevant content to increase with the user. And can’t leave the place.

Let me know which strategy you like the most and how many responses you’ve received from a highly authoritative website.

How To Create Backlinks For New Website: 5 Free Link Building Strategies
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