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How to Start a Blog In 2021: 11 Fundamentals to Master Blogging [Step-By-Step]

How to Start a Blog In 2021: 11 Fundamentals to Master Blogging  https://www.duzline.com

Hi, friend, are you in search of how to start a blog?

If yes, then. then this is your destination,

I bet you to get succeed in this blogging journey as I lay down a blueprint to start your first blog.

Have you ever wondered why people plan to start a blog in 2020 and maybe you are thinking of starting a new blog?

From my point of view, you may have seen a blog that has a revenue of one million dollars from a normal blog.

But the fact is that this blog is not an ordinary blog. but an extraordinary blog.

This master guide will give you a complete idea of how to start a blog from scratch. Which includes

  • What is a blog and why should you start a blog?
  • The perfect way to find the perfect niche for blogs and general reviews?
  • Crack proper keyword research strategies and SEO code?
  • Choosing the best hosting and domain name?
  • What is SEO and how to write SEO friendly posts?
  • How to promote blog posts and get organic traffic?
  • How to turn $50 into $1000 by monetizing your blog?
  • Secrets to Enhancing Your Master Blog with Some Previous Tips and More

If you are excited then here we have some most successful money making blogs.

They have nailed the blogging industry and making six-figure income every month.

John Lee Dumas has been running Blog Entrepreneur on Fire for over 5 years.

He interviews all the big business on his podcast and shares smart strategies to get your business up and running.

He earned more than 2,10,291 in December 2017.

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Pete Flynn has been running a blog Smart Passive Income for over 8 years.

Her blog is about sharing smart strategies on how to make passive income using different sources.

He earned more than $167,553 in December 2017.

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Harsh Agrawal has been the founder of Shitmeelwood for over 10 years.

Her blog is all about sharing blogging information and making money around it.

He made over $ 40,000 in February 2018.

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Have you noticed one thing that is common to all of them? This is the time of year in which they have invested in learning to blog and mastering SEO skills.

If you’re excited, here’s how to put one together for use with your blog. When I started blogging, I watched over 500+ YouTube videos and read over 250+ different blogs. But for you, this single blog will be a simple window to get everything a blogger needs.

How to Start a Blog in 11 Steps: A Step-by-Step Guide

It’s important to clear up the basics of blogging before diving deep or scaling your blog.

Therefore, I have decided to give a complete guide to a total of 11 basic principles or steps, covering each of the topics that you should know initially to master blogging skills.

۔ If you do not have time to read this guide, be sure to bookmark this page for future reading purposes, but I strongly recommend that you go through each step if you want to learn to blog

. Remember that more than 91% of published blogs are never getting

But, I believe if you understood the concept then you will be out of 91% Bloggers, who are not getting single traffic on this website

Let first start with the basics on what is Blog?

Designed to represent any business product or service.

But the blog is designed to provide detailed information on a particular topic and you will encounter timely changes to the blog on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Blog posts have a supernatural order of blog posts, where recently published posts will appear at the top.

Also, remember that a blog can be a part of a website, where a website can provide details of its products or services by publishing a blog post but not a blog website.

And if you’re willing to start a blog, then this is a learning profession

The technique of implementation is called blogging.

In general, blogging is a way to create your blog and start learning and sharing your experiences about a particular topic.

This means that you are creating reader-friendly content for audiences around the world, and in return, you will have the opportunity to monetize your blog.

Yes, blogs can make you millions like everyone else and will be discussed in the same blog.

Why You Should Start a Blog?

Let me give you some reasons why you should start blogging in 2020 if you know the basics of blogging.

  • Brand Identity – Having a blog means that you have the opportunity to gain your identity by writing or promoting a particular product on various online platforms.
  • Passive Revenue – As a blog owner, you can generate passive revenue by selling consumer-related products to website traffic.
  • Expertise in Subject: You will not believe that there are small days There is a huge demand from people who can give advice to others on a particular topic. If you have a blog on this topic, you can sell your education through online courses or e-books.

Why You Shouldn’t Start a Blog?

  • No Time to write– Blogging requires patience and time to write a piece of content that people can read or not read if you don’t have time to write and are busy watching movies or playing games. So I would not suggest it. Starting a blog does not assume to disable.
  • Not wanting passive income – If you’ve seen some of the examples above, people are making a million dollars and even you can, so if you are happy with your current life and are not satisfied with the extra income If there are I would not recommend starting a blog.
  • No worries about identity – Your expertise in blogging or specialization skills has the potential to be recognized by an audience around the world, I wouldn’t recommend starting a blog if you’re happy with yourself and family friends.
  • If you’re appreciating any of the benefits of blogging, here’s how to start a blog that can turn your initial investment of time, effort and money into millions of dollars in revenue.
Bonus Tips: Having a blog, you may win or lose, but if not, you will lose.

Let’s go ahead and jump into the sender step on introducing blogging platforms.

Many people like to start blogging without spending a single penny and others have the courage to invest some money with confidence so that they can get it back in a few months.

Tell me, what do you think about investing in blogging in the comment box?

If you ask me, what did I do when I started blogging?

Then I started with free but soon I invested some money and today I am earning more than $ 1000 a month from blogging.

Wait, waiting for proof in this guide.

But why did I ask you to choose between free blogging and free blogging?

If you want to start a blog then you need to manage content we call CMS and in this list, there are two student platforms.

  • Blogger
  • WordPress

What is a blogger?

Blogger is Google’s own content management platform, launched in 2003.

If you agree to start a blog with Blogger, then all you need is an email ID and the rest will be given to Google for free.

But it has its advantages and disadvantages, so let me explain them one by one.

Benefits of Blogger CMS

  • Blogger’s security is under Google’s control, which means you won’t have to worry about hacking your website.
  • You get free unlimited hosting to handle millions of traffic daily.
  • You will get a free subdomain that will be extended by “.blogspot.com”.
  • Inbuilt analytics and much more to track daily viewers. Disadvantages of Blogger CMS
  • Blogger is owned by Google, which means you don’t own the blog.
  • You must follow Google’s guidelines, otherwise, your blog will be deleted immediately.
  • You will have no option to add additional plugins with Blogger to scale or automate your blog.
  • Blogger has limitations in terms of usage and customization.
  • If you have the vision to turn your blog into a million-dollar business, this free platform might not be the best choice to start your blog.

Then the second-best choice would be WordPress, so what WordPress is and how to start a blog with WordPress will be the focus of this guide.

What is WordPress and its type?

WordPress is one of the most popular free content management, launched in 200

According to statistics, more than 60% of bloggers use WordPress to manage their blogs and it is known as a self-hosted blog

This means that you own the blog and you can measure it by using the additional services available in the market.

WordPress is a free CMS owned by the WordPress Foundation, a for-profit organization, and they offer two very popular platforms.

  • WordPress.com
  • WordPress.org

But we are focused on WordPress.org because WordPress.com is like a blogger who has limited freedom under the free plan and you need to pay extra to use the pro features.

WordPress.org will be like your own home, where you can manage your blog by investing just a few rupees, ideally $ 50 / year.

If you want to know the difference between Blogger.com vs. Blogger.org I suggest you check out the detailed guide.

Let me highlight a long list of advantages and disadvantages of WordPress.

Benefits of WordPress

  • WordPress is a self-hosted blogging platform and you will own this blog.
  • You will have complete freedom to use the best plugins to automate the blogging process.
  • In WordPress, you have the option to customize your theme to suit your needs.
  • WordPress has millions of communities and videos on public platforms to solve your problem.
  • WordPress is free to use and you don’t have to pay anything.
  • Disadvantages of WordPress
  • WordPress is a self-hosted platform, which means you have to buy web hosting.
  • You have to buy a domain name and you will not get a free domain like Blogger.
  • You should manage the security and performance of WordPress.
  • Well, it seems that WordPress also has its disadvantages, but the fact is that with just $ 50 / year investment or maybe a maximum of $ 100 / year, everything is easy to manage.

You can manage security, backup and performance using the free plugin and you are fine.

So, don’t worry, the next guide will give you a complete list of plugins that will manage all your work for free.

I love WordPress and almost every blogger is willing to use the same, what do you think?

If you are thinking of starting a blog through WordPress then this guide is for you to master the art of blogging, now you have to choose which platform you would like to start?

Get started with WordPress as it dominates the market and is a very popular choice.

Bonus Tips: According to W3Techs, 62% of CMS (blogs) are using WordPress, which is 35% of the total website or internet market share.

Are you excited

If so, let me first guide you through the niche and the niche for your blog

Think of the niche as a category or any industry and in other words, you can think of it as a specific article around which your site is targeted.

Success for success Choosing a niche is the basic criterion for any blog and we will discuss the basics of niche and how you should choose a niche.

Finding Bitcoin Inventor’s Identity Could Hurt Its Price, Coinbase Warns

Finding the right niche is a kind of research and mind building process because having a blog is not a difficult task but maintaining the continuity of the blog is a very important task.

So, the niche of the blog should be more than your interest or obsession, whatever it may be and if you don’t know much about this topic then do more research on this particular article.

Every day, more than 2 million blog posts are published and according to, Ahref even 91% of them will not get single traffic. Why?

image credit Ahrefs

Because they lack the right niche and keyword selection to some extent.

Do you want to know what kind of odd websites exist and which ones you should choose to create your blog? If so, read on.

Types of niches and their importance?

What I’m going to teach here is that you will experience the same on a variety of websites, so stay focused and try to understand this concept because finding the right place is the foundation of your blog

Multi-odd blog
You may have seen many blogs that like to write about different categories or articles, in this list, you can take the example of Duzline

Multi-niche blog websites
On this site, I write about the number of topics such as cryptocurrency, blogging, online business, and technical indicators.

This means that it is a collection of different categories and is known as a multi-category blog or multi-category blog.

Such a website would be the best choice if you have the time or expertise to share posts on everyone but you are a male army so leave the idea and check out the micro-niche or niche website.

Odd or micro odd blog
Only when you select a particular article and start writing about it will your blog become known as a niche blog.

If I drill into any blog category, then it will start with odd -> all odd -> micro odd.

Consider that if you are passionate about health then what are the health subdivisions?

  • Health and exercise
  • Health awareness diet
  • Yoga and meditation

If you are planning to write about health including all the above topics then your blog will be known as odd blog and the best example of this is health.com

Health worked on the odd blog
The odd blog needs expertise in all the different topics in this category and of course, a team is needed to write about all the sections.

That’s why as an individual I don’t recommend starting a niche blog in 2020 and for you, the next best choice would be a sub-niche or micro niche website.

There are different types of niches, such as new websites and general blogs, etc., but our focus is on introducing larger types, especially a blog that an individual can start.

Let me guide you on how to find the niche for your blog and what strategies you should use all the time.

Bonus Tip: 2020 is all about starting a micro-odd blog just because you can’t master your skills on every subject but yes you can take care of Google about a special and E.A.T.E = Experiments A = Authentic T = Reliable

How to find a profitable niche for the blog?
When choosing a niche, you have to decide between two things, either a short-term goal or a long-term goal, and I hope you choose a long-term goal.

So this is the strategy that I use and help you find a profitable place. We suggest taking the same step.

BrainStorm to find ideas
It sounds silly for a second but I need it, just pull out a pen and paper and note down the ten things you like the most.

It doesn’t matter what you’re thinking, just hit it off on paper, notepad or whatever comes with it.

But make sure that a blog is not about watching movies at all, it is more about writing posts that you try to write.

As we learned earlier, in order to run a blog on WordPress you have to buy hosting which will require money, but do you know what web hosting is?

Your blog will have a lot of files, content, databases and a lot of technical data that needs to be stored somewhere on the internet, so everyone can access your website posts or pages.

This container of your website data is known as web hosting and because of this web hosting WordPress sites are known as self-hosted blogs.

This means that you are responsible for the security and performance of your hosted website.

Google has publicly announced that website loading speeds will be a key measure in ranking pages or websites, according to the latest January 2018 update.

If the loading speed of your website is delayed by 1 second then you can lose 7% of potential traffic, yes it is true.

If you understand the importance of hosting then don’t worry I will tell you all the details about web hosting which will suit Google in your budget.

But just remember this time, you have to pay more attention to the loading speed of the website.

Types of Web Hosting?
Web hosting is categorized into different categories based on the features provided and the ability to handle website traffic but below are the key categories that you will see through each hosting company.

Shared web hosting
Shared hosting is the most recommended hosting for any startup website, where shared websites will be created on a common server and shared resources will be shared.

This is a great fit if your website has around 60K-90K visitors per month and we will discuss further on the best-shared hosting plan at affordable price later in this guide.

Dedicated and VPS web hosting
Dedicated hosting offers a dedicated server and resources for your website, which will be assigned to your website only and you can control the way you want.

Similarly, VPS stands for Virtual Private Server which will be a virtual copy of the dedicated server and will be used for the same purposes.

But both will cost twice as much as a shared hosting plan and will only be recommended for people who are already running a blog with over 100kg / month views.

WordPress Managed Web Hosting
WordPress Management Hosting is introduced by all hosting providers to help WordPress bloggers improve their site in the best possible way.

But compared to shared hosting, the cost will be higher and you can get the same performance by installing free plugins and I will introduce you the same in the next part of the best plugins.

Cloud web hosting
Everyone is familiar with cloud hosting where you can rent resources according to your website traffic needs and use the resources at your own expense.

You may think this is better than shared hosting, but the fact is that the initial plan costs more than shared hosting.

Bonus Tip: My recommendation is to start with shared hosting, starting with almost every initial shared hosting that will not cost you more than 50 / year, are you ready to buy the best hosting service?

How to Buy the Best Web Hosting?
True, there are over 50+ best hosting companies but only a few offer the best services at a competitive rate.

In this list, in terms of their popularity and affordable prices, below all three is my main choice.

Site Ground
A2 Hosting

But Site Ground hosting is my first choice and even more so than my blog has been hosted on Site Ground Hosting for the past 1 year, do you know why?

Site Ground Hosting offers 20x faster than others.
Guaranteed a refund at any time, no other hosting provider offers such a deal.
99.9% uptime which ensures 1-minute shutdown every month.
Free SSL with unlimited bandwidth and SSD storage under each plan.
Their prices are very affordable for a shared hosting plan.
Customer support via 24 * 7 online chat, call email or ticket support.
Site Ground with required WordPress enabled image compressor, DB caching.
Site Ground Hosting’s with SG Optimizer Plugin offers the same level of optimization that you would manage in WordPress hosting.
Site Ground Hosting is confident about their services, including the fastest loading speed with 99.9% uptime and the Moneyback Guarantee will give you a reason to try it whenever you want.

Do you remember the point we discussed about website loading speed?

Earlier, when I migrated to my site Site Ground, the loading speed was reduced from 5 seconds to about 1.5 seconds.

Isn’t that amazing?

Believe me, the Site Ground is incredible and its user reviews are amazing.

what is your opinion? I never made up my mind to read the Money Back Guarantee and hopefully you too.

If so, how do I buy Site Ground hosting plans and Site Ground web hosting?

Site Ground Hosting shared hosting offer three offers.

Let me guide you step by step on how to buy an Site Ground Hosting Account.

And you have a special offer of 75% OFF, so take the deal accordingly.

Step 1: 75; Turn On the deal
To activate, press the Deal l button 75% on and it will go to the Site Ground Hosting Shared Hosting Plan page.

Step 2: Choose a web hosting plan
Click here to get Swift (or any other plan) and get 75% off. The prom promo code will automatically apply to your account, Here !!

Step 3: Assign A Domain Name

Step 4: Billing Cycle and Total Price

Step 5: Account and Personel Details

Step 6: Payment and Checkout

When you scroll down you will be at the bottom of the page to pay for the total amount and you will have an option to pay using

Credit Card

PayPal , etc

Check the Checkbox for term & conditions and click to complete order

Welcome in Site Ground Dashboard

Can you send me your home address if I need to send you a gift?

Yes, of course, you will, because you know where you live and its exact location.

Similarly, web hosting is the home of your blog where all the content will be and the domain name will be the home address.

Do you find it interesting to learn more?

Yes, in technical terms, the domain name is the address of the website, which will be directly on the Internet and anyone can browse the Internet and go directly to your website.

The domain name looks like this:

Domain URL: https://www.duzline.com/

There are four main factors to consider.

What is https: This is known as a hypertext transfer protocol that will ensure secure transmission of network files, if not secure, it will be HTTP only.
What is WWW: It means the web around the world, some websites like to use it and some don’t like my blogging, I’m not using www but it doesn’t matter if you Will be redirected to the same page.
What is Blogging / Example: This is the name of the site as I have taken Blogging but in your case, it may be different like XJs, ABC and in the case of Google it is Google.
What is .com: This is commonly known as the top-level domain, which is the key criterion for any domain selection, and is also known as the extension of your domain URL. We will discuss more.
Do you know how many types of domain extensions are available and which ones you should buy?

Bill Gates explains why he is against bitcoin

Domain name types?
Domain names will be differentiated based on the extension they use and will let Google know what your site is about.

So it has been in two categories.

GTLD domain name
GTLD stands for General Top Level Domain, which is used by almost every website holder and you may have heard of this list.

.com: The oldest domain extension and proposed for commercial purposes.
.org: Looks good only if you plan to start a blog for a charity or government organization.
.net: Recommended for communication only like networking business.
The above are some popular examples because we have a lot of others in it as Google has recently launched. New and some others already exist like .xyz, .tech, etc.

ccTLD domain name
CCTLD stands for Country Code Top Level Domain and such a domain is mostly used by any website owner if the site specifically targets audiences in any country or region.

.in: This country is referring to India and it is only used to target the Indian audience.
.us: This refers to the United States and is used only to target American audiences.
.co: This country refers to Colombia and is used only to target the Colombian audience.
If your blog or business has an audience around the country, I recommend using only the ccTLD domain, otherwise,
it is best to go with the gTLD domain name.

Q: How important is the domain to your site?
A: I know this question may pop up in your mind and choosing a domain extension is the key to success.
I will use two symbols to answer your query.
Have you seen .com already configured in your mobile keywords? The answer is yes.
If in Google SERP, two sites pop up with the same heading but one with .com and the other with .xyz, which is the answer you want to click on. com, Am I OK?
Every keyboard is pre-configured with .com because .com nowadays makes a website like .com look like the internet and by default, you type .com instead of any domain extension, it’s human psychology.
As the latest study was conducted by MOZ, of course, Google does not differentiate between Google .com and .Net but the user influences your search engine ranking.
If you are more curious then why can’t you check the master guide on the .com domain that is important?

Well, you have decided which domain to buy so the next point to learn is, how to buy a domain name?

How to Buy Domain Name?

When it comes to Domain name, you won’t need to worry about performance and all like we were during web hosting.

Almost every registrar is offering the same service close to similar prices but the only difference is while you plan to renew your domain name.

But my popular choice is NameCheap, as it offers the best services at affordable prices and I am currently hosting more than 6 domain names with NameCheap.

Keyword blogging is the key to success, and if you find it difficult to find high-volume, profitable keywords, you should go about halfway to ranking any blog post.

When you type a query into the Google search window, it will be known as a search inquiry keyword.

Simply put, the keyword is a question for any reader who types in Google to find specific details.

Let’s take a look below, I’m looking for an “AdSense Approval Trick” question and Google, which is showing more than 269,000 results, why?

Because many of these pages have content around that keyword.

What are the types of keywords?
Keywords are categorized into four types and each type of keyword is categorized differently.

So keep focusing on how the word works and its significance.

Short tai lor a single word
These keywords are targeting a broader term or category of a particular article.

If you search on Google and type yoga, then there are numerous questions to address yoga such as:

Yoga pose

Yoga Benefits
This is an advantage of the number of titles to be addressed in a single letter but the disadvantage is that they are a very competitive keyword.

Almost every post in the Yoga-related SERP includes yoga in their titles, URLs, and content.

So I strongly advise you to avoid such words, especially when you are a beginner.

Long-tail Keyword
These days almost every query is searched in Google, there are many opportunities that readers are searching for a particular question.

Typically, long-tail keywords are between 3-5 words and address a specific user-specific question, which is why I call them laser-targeted keywords.

If we analyze the research data shared by Coverage about long-tail keywords, you can see that long-tail keywords are less competitive than short-tail keywords, why?

Because their search volume is small and no one is thinking about targeting them but on the other hand these keywords are initially jewellery for fast ranking.

Bonus Tip: Do you remember a new site that needs a quick ranking to show Google its authority and Long Tail Word in this list will make your job easier, so grab it.

What are the keyword research tools and techniques?
Keyword research can be done through free and paid SEO tools, which help us identify the search volume of any keyword and how competitive it is for ranking that keyword in the SERP. ۔

Each keyword revolves around the following topics and you should be aware of the importance of each of them.

Before learning, each of these means a screenshot taken below from a keyword research tool.

Target keyword research tools
Keyword Difficulty: Each keyword will divide the keyboard difficulty on a scale of 1-100, depending on how competitive the keyword ranking in Google is. Getting closer to 100 will be more difficult.
Search Volume: Different countries will have different search volumes for a keyword, so make sure your keywords are searched in the country where you want to rank or not.
Global search volume: Obviously most of the keywords were searched word wide, except to target the country, so to diversify global traffic, pay attention to global search volume. ۔
Compensation / Organic Clicks: Make sure the keywords contain more than 70% organic clicks, otherwise the Google SERP will be full of ad pages and you will not get any ranking in Google’s # 1 page.
Seasonal Search: Make sure that the search volume for keywords should not be seasonal, otherwise you will struggle to find traffic throughout the year, remember the example of a winter jacket.
Cost-per-click: CPC will decide how commercial the keyword business is, so any keyword is more likely to make money using the Google AdSense ad network.
It seems that now that you have the confidence to check someone’s word and all the factors other than CPC are very important to focus on keyword research.

Keyword research can be done with free and paid SEO tools, so let me briefly tell you one by one.

Keyword research using free SEO tools
Ideally, free keyword research starts with Goose using Google search options.

So you have to type in the keywords of your keyword in Google and it will automatically suggest several ideas and you can choose one of them.

I typed, did SEO and Google automatically suggested some keyword ideas and now it’s your job to note them all down for further research into notation.

We say you want to write about what SEO Writing is, so our next step is to troubleshoot its ranking using the SEO tool and in this list, we have Ubersuggest a free SEO tool. Can use

OberGuest is a popular tool that works on Google’s advice and tries to find search volume and keyword difficulty based on pre-ranked pages.

As I searched for keywords, what to write SEO in OberGuest (long-tail keywords) and here we are with about 10 difficulty levels which are easy.

This tool retrieves most of its data from Google’s Keyword Planner, and from the Search Volume Graph, you can see that the search volume is about the same throughout the year.

It is able to target keywords and you can rank faster. Simple and easy keyword research.

Have you learned this, don’t hesitate to comment on your opinion in the comment box.

Obergust is just a tool, there is a final guide to keyword research using free SEO tools which includes a list of all the other tools including some paid SEO tools for free, so don’t miss it. Am

Keyword research using paid SEO tools
No one can deny how powerful these paid SEO tools are.

Not only are they used to find useful and easy keywords within a second, but they are also used on other off-page SEO techniques.

In this list, the two most popular tools are Advanced and Seamless. Yes, they are expensive to buy but very powerful.

Q: Which of the free vs. paid word research tools is correct?
The ultimate answer would be that no tool is accurate to pinpoint the level of difficulty of keywords but it is able to rely on the data shared by SEO tools.
The paid SEO tool does a case study on the current top 10 ranking rankings and analyzes or processes billions of word counts every hour to rank them at the 1-100 difficulty level.
So the obvious winner will be paid SEO tools and my personal experience is literal and seamless is much more effective than free SEO tools.
But you can use LongTail Pro specifically for LongTail Word research

There are many other keyword research techniques out there and I teach the same on my YouTube channel, so be sure to discover the video as you learn more.

Bonus Tip: Finding a keyword is not the only criteria, to rank a post, you need to find a search query which fit with your keyword, so focus on search intent for instant results.

You are very close to writing an SEO friendly blog post but the biggest thing to pay attention to is to find the right keyword query but, but what does the right query mean?

Imagine that you have a word like XYZ login, which has 10 hassles and millions of searches and you have decided to write a blog post targeting XYZ login in keywords. Will work?

No, it won’t, why?

Because this keyword intends readers want xyz login so that no one reads the blog, so instead of xyz login you can focus on how to solve the xyz login problem, this makes it a target ۔

And it intends to search for keywords and ideas for writing topics or blog posts. So let me give you some ideas on how to get these blog post ideas.

In my list, I would prefer the three most popular platforms for getting initial ideas and then you can pull them down so that there is a maximum match between KD and search volume.

Find post ideas from pre-rated pages
Well, you know the focus of the keywords, which you intend to target is to get # 1 in the SERP, so why don’t you pay attention to all the ranking pages.

So the easiest step is to go to Google search and type in your targeted keywords and look at all the ranking pages.

Twitter New Features Automatic Block or Mute Option

Analyze the title they have given for their web page and how the keywords in the title or H1 tag are targeted.

Best SEO Techniques

Well, I searched for the best keyword SEO techniques and here you can see that there is a list post in the top 10 ranking pages where they explain how to do SEO.

Boom !! Now if you have to target only one keyword then start focusing on writing list not final or step by step guide.

Is that clear? If so, keep reading.

Is that clear? If so, keep reading.

Find post ideas from Koora
Koora is a Q&A site and has billions of searches every day, so why not search there and find out what people are asking about that keyword.

Here I searched in Quora for the question of the best SEO tools
Koora has come up with ideas that are specific to the best SEO tools, if you just target a question to the best SEO tools it won’t have status but you can post like the best SEO tools for a starter. Can target which is more likely to rank.

Bonus Tip :For more keyword ideas you can also search in Reddit, the most popular platform which has more than millions of queries posted every day,and you can join Reddit and sub-Reddit groups.

The theme plays an important role in how the user interacts with the website and is also important in the website loading speed.

Similarly, the WordPress library contains a total of plugins, which are necessary to improve the security of the website, improve performance and automate most processes.

Both themes and plugins are available in free and paid plans but for starters, it’s a good idea to start with free and later switch to pro plans.

The best WordPress free and paid themes
WordPress has a collection of themes and you can use their limited features in their free plans.

But with website customization comes the limitations of all free themes, such as font color, types, and navigation menus.

The theme should be light and have fast loading speed and in this list, there are several free and paid themes.

When I started my blogging, I used a very popular free theme, hysteria. This theme is mobile and desktop friendly and can be used for any type of blog or e-commerce website.

As I said before, it will always have limitations for font color, font type, content width and menu customization but good enough to get started.

But I don’t recommend any free theme for beginners because you will eventually change it somewhere in the next 1 or 2 months, because you have to take care of the user’s reading ability and engagement.

If a theme does not allow for certain features to be customized then you may lose a lot of traffic to your blog and may have the opposite effect on your site.

So the next option is to buy the best lightweight WordPress Pro theme.

The top three premium themes that fit any type of blog and greatly improve your desktop or mobile website optimization then you can choose from the four topics listed below.

Generate Press: The most recommended theme for every beginner, as it is a lightweight theme that is compatible with all types of WordPress blogs and even this blog is using the Generate Press theme.
Astra Pro: Astra is included in the TopTom theme list, which fits well for both blog and e-commerce websites, their advances will make it easy to customize your website.
OeanWP Pro: If you want to customize a website like an e-commerce shop or any product selling review website, OeanWP will be your best choice for them.
Newspaper Theme: This is very popular with all new bloggers and you can customize your blog like any magazine or news website pattern and some other built-in templates.
Q: What theme am I using the most and why?

I use Generator Press on almost every blog because for only $ 50 you can access all the features of a lifetime.

The best part is that you will have a license key to use on unlimited websites.

Generate Press is a lightweight theme designed specifically to focus on the WordPress blog.

Akismet Anti-spa

If you are good with the theme then discuss the essential plugins which is a collection of free plugins and good enough to start a blog.

The best WordPress free and plugins
The biggest advantage of Blogger over WordPress is the ability to install plugins, which make it easy to customize or automate your site.

So the plugins listed below are essential plugins that every website should have, which is focused on improving performance, safety and SEO etc.

Security Plugin: Jet Pack and Access Anti-Spam

Jetpack is a WordPress.com security feature and by default, it will be installed on your WordPress site.

To enable Jetpack features, simply create your free account at WordPress.com and link it to WordPress.ro.

This plugin ensures high security and will monitor if your site is lacking. However, Accept Anti-Spam is the most recommended plugin for every new blog.
If no spam comments on your site, all blogs usually do on your blog, so there is a huge database of monitoring plugins for monitoring.

Access Anti-Spam prevents inbots and improves security and reduces spamming on the site.

Auto Ads Placement Plugin: Ad Insertor

If you plan to monetize your blog with Google AdSense, you do not need to copy the AdSense code on every page of your website, which is a difficult task.

Using the AdCenter plugin, you can put the code into the plugin and it will automatically apply to your entire blog website, simple and easy but it only works for desktop sites, not just For the AMP version.If you want to check how to look AMP Website visit my Website https://www.duzline.com/ in the mobile version.

If need detail on AMP version do comment or drop me a message, I will guide you on the same.

I hope you got the importance of each plugin and only these many plugins are required to start any blog which ensures everything that a blog needed.

Do you know what SEO means?

SEO means search engine optimization, which means optimizing your content according to the search engine needs, but your post should improve not only the search engine but also the reader.

So, first of all, I would like to give you an idea on how to improve the post for search engine, then there will be a discussion on what you can do to engage the readers.

When we talk about on-page SEO, that means we have to focus on the keywords in the blog post.

So search engines can understand what your post is about and what your main keywords are.

How to optimize keywords for on-page SEO
Here are some tips, I suggest that you should use any blog post to correct any of the keywords in the blog post.

Let me illustrate the keyword electron price prediction.

Include keywords in the title or H1 tag

By default, the H1 tag is the title of the blog post in each theme, and in most cases, it has been proven that it is possible to include your keywords in the title of the post.

Ideally, it is recommended to include it at the beginning but if not then it must be included somewhere.

Make sure the title is no longer than 50-60 characters long.

Include the keyword in the full link or URL

The full link is the custom URL of the blog post, in the following screenshot you can see in Google SERP.

When I predicted the electron price of the keyword, there was a URL just below the title known as Permalink.

Bonus tip: Yoast SEO plugin is very popular but I shifted to RankMath because it is new and has features like Yoast but offers some extras which are part of Yoast SEO premium plan.

How to write a blog post that engages readers
If you are good with on-SEO SEO techniques then the next part is to learn what your focus should be on to get the reader’s attention and maximum engagement and here are my tips to work on it. ۔

  • Always add a weird number to the title, which grabs the reader’s attention and you will get more clicks in Google SERP and as a result more traffic to a website.
  • Your paragraph sentences should be less than 2 lines, this is the best copywriting skill and everyone is recommended.
  • Always pay attention to the first 100 words, it will decide whether your reader will read the whole blog post or not, so make sure to tell them the reason for the excitement, I am adding the problem I am solving ۔
  • Always include the ending and try to provide something different that they haven’t heard in the blog post and route them to another post on your website.
  • Try to get the user’s attention by solving their questions in the blog post itself, don’t wait for the user’s comment, fix it in the blog post itself.
  • Always maintain a positive mood, try to add words where it is not interesting? , I hope you are enjoying? , I’m sure you agree with me? Sentences will always produce answers like yes in the mind of the reader.
  • Use a variety of tactics to engage the user and, if possible, include videos as well as media.

Great strategies for the best copywriting skills are outlined, so if possible read Joseph Sugarman’s master book, it is amazing how it will change your writing experience.

If you are writing your blog post, just click the publish button and your post will be live on the internet and anyone can read it.

Must Read: 100+ SEO Dictionary

Publishing content is not good enough to rank in search engines, you have to follow some strategies to promote or implement off-page SEO.

Off-page SEO is the strategy, you have to create backlinks to other blogs outside the blog and share on social media and use many other strategies.

But our main concern is to index our blog post first in search engines like Google, Bing etc.

How to quickly index a blog post in a search engine
When you publish your blog, our first task is to notify search engines that we have recently published a post that needs indexing.

Configuring here means that Google has some crawlers that go to your site and search for keywords and position them in search engines.

The first thing you need is a sitemap, so if you’ve used a Yoast SEO plugin or RankMath, you can check the sitemap by typing.

Use your domain name: https://www.domain.com/sitemap_index.xml

Start building backlinks to other websites
Backlinks mean creating referrals for your site on another website, treating it as if your site is A and another website is B.

If A creates an anchor text on A that points to A, then it will be considered that A has got backlinks from B and this backlink will be of two types.

Follow do-back links: If the link created on other blog posts is do-follow, then Google crawler will go through that link and visit your site and improve your site’s authority and ranking.

Follow Backlinks: If you do not get follow backlinks from another site then Google crawler will not pass through this link and you will not get any benefit but a manual user can click on this link and you may get traffic.

There are numerous ways to build backlinks, as described below.

Guest posts on other High Authority websites
It’s always recommended to post a guest post on another blog and return a link to your site, but make sure the guest blog has a high domain option.

You can search for guest post opportunities by searching for different patterns in Google.

Keywords + “Write for us”

Keywords + “guest post”

Keywords + “Share with us”

Every blog has the potential to make money, but odd blogs have made more money than most odd blogs.

The reason is, you can re-market and have the ability to convert visitors into full-time readers.

The choice is yours, what kind of blog you want to start but the following are some ways you can turn your blog traffic into a money-making machine.

Make money using AdSense or Ad Network
Almost every blogger is familiar with Google AdSense, the largest advertising network.

They offer publishers money to place ads on their website and if any of your readers clicks or sees these ads then you get paid as a website owner. Will

Google AdSense ads will pay between 00 0.001 to $ 50 or more per click on an ad and this cost is known as per click or CPC.

This means that you will not only get paid to display the ads they are impressed with, but also if a reader clicks on those ads.

Here is a screenshot of my site Google AdSense earnings with only 200 visitors per day.

Bonus Tip: If you can create a niche blog, then the chances of you selling on Philippa for over 5,000 depends on the site, the content and its organic traffic.

If you have read all the steps, you already know almost everything that a beginner in blogging needs to start a blog.

This basic guide on how to start a blog has honed your skills, from the basics of odd selection to keyword research and promotion to blog posts, and has ended up earning money. ۔

Remember, learning is a never-ending process and SEO is changing. It started with a simple search and now goes to voice searches like Alex, Google Home, and many other methods.

For more information on trending and trending, keep reading our blog post and join our email list and social groups.

Now let me know in the comment box what you think of the guide and what kind of blog you plan to start.

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