Huawei gaming monitor exposure: 2K/144Hz released in May

Huawei gaming monitor exposure: 2K/144Hz released in May

Recently, Huawei’s new LCD display has passed the national 3C certification. The panel comes from the ODM subsidiary of BOE Group, “Hefei BOEVT” (BOEVT), and the charger power reaches 135W (20V/6.75A).

Some sources pointed out that this will be a high-end display from Huawei. The base supports wireless charging and can charge mobile phones. At the same time, the 135W high-power charger can also supply power for MateBook notebooks.

And now, digital blogger broke the news,Huawei’s e-sports display will be released in May, and it is expected to adopt the mainstream specifications of 2K resolution + 144Hz refresh rate.

at the same time,Professional monitors are also expected to be released simultaneously, with 4K resolution, Supports high color gamut, it is also equipped with USB-C Hub function, which can realize a line connection to Huawei MateBook series notebooks.

At the Huawei Full Connect Conference 2020 held in September last year, Wang Yinfeng, president of Huawei’s tablet and PC product line, confirmed that Huawei will launch its own-brand display products.

Huawei’s non-curved displays will be outsourced to BOEVT, an ODM subsidiary of the BOE Technology Group, while the curved display for the gaming market will be subcontracted to TPV. The initial order is about 1 million units. The screen size includes the current mainstream 27 inches and 34 inches.

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Huawei gaming monitor exposure: 2K/144Hz released in May
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