Huawei says 6G will be introduced to the market in 2030. Netizens: 5G has not been experienced yet

Huawei says 6G will be introduced to the market in 2030. Netizens: 5G has not been experienced yet

April 12,Huawei’s rotating chairman Xu Zhijun said at the Huawei Global Analyst Conference that 6G will be introduced to the market around 2030,

but what 6G is is still unknown. He said that Huawei will soon release a 6G white paper, telling all walks of life what 6G is.

“6G will appear around 2030,

but I don’t know what 6G is. But the industry hopes that by 2030, there will be something like 4G and 5G that will be brought to the market.”

Xu Zhijun said,Huawei is currently doing two aspects of work. One is to work with the industry to define what 6G is. At the same time, Huawei is also doing some basic research around 6G.

“Looking forward to 6G, there may not necessarily be 6G, but we will prepare for the possible arrival of 6G. “He says.

According to data released by the three major operators,

as of the end of December 2020, China Mobile had 942 million users and 165 million 5G package users; China Telecom had 351 million users and 86.5 million 5G package users. China Unicom has 306 million users and 70.83 million 5G package users.

Calculations found that in 2020, the cumulative number of 5G package users of the three major operators will exceed 300 million.

In other words,The vast majority of users are still using 4G networks. It is strange that some netizens said that they have not even experienced a 5G network.

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On November 13 last year, at the 2020 Global MBB Forum (Global MBB Forum), Huawei’s Managing Director Wang Tao delivered a keynote speech entitled “Define 5.5G, Build a Beautiful Smart World”.

Tao Wang said

that 5.5G is an evolution of 5G, and he looks forward to working with all parties in the industry to define 5.5G to enhance personal real-time interactive experience and enhance cellular IoT capabilities; and continue to explore uplink ultra-wideband UCBC, real-time broadband interactive RTBC, and perceptual positioning HCS, etc. New scene.

The technological evolution of the mobile communication industry, in a decade, 5G will be the most important mobile communication technology before 2030, and will continue to serve until 2040.

Wang Tao said that 5.5G is an industrial vision and an enhancement and expansion of the 5G scenario. The enhancement is aimed at the three standard scenarios defined by the ITU, namely eMBB, mMTC and URLLC. Introduce REDCAP to increase terminal types to meet the requirements of broadband IoT in mMTC scenarios for diversified terminals; increase reliability-based delays, so that URLLC scenarios can meet the requirements of intelligent manufacturing for connectivity, such as remote motion control requirements.

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Huawei says 6G will be introduced to the market in 2030. Netizens: 5G has not been experienced yet
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