Humans first heard the sound of the surface of Mars: chilling

Humans first heard the sound of the surface of Mars: chilling

NASA’s “Perseverance” rover captured a segment of Martian sound and transmitted it back to Earth in recent days.

This is also the first time that humans have obtained new sensory data from Mars.

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The audio sounded like the sound made when the tap water was blocked, and it was accompanied by the sound of hitting the pipe wall , which made people shudder after hearing it.

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The task team stated that it is looking forward to hearing more sounds, such as the sound of wind and storms.

The Perseverance rover was launched on July 30, 2020 , and successfully landed on the surface of Mars on February 19 this year.

It is estimated that it will take two years to explore the surface of Mars.

In the past month, the Perseverance rover not only took pictures of the surroundings of the landing zone,

But also sent a large number of photos of the surface of Mars, and it also began to travel on the surface of Mars.

The scene on the surface of Mars is desolate and arid , just like the desert on our planet, sometimes with sandstorms.

At the same time, NASA published an article saying that studies have shown that Mars may contain a lot of water under the crust.

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For the first time humans heard the sound of the surface of Mars: chilling

NASA pointed out that billions of years ago, Mars was a planet covered by oceans and lakes.

The depth of the ocean was between 330 and 4,920 feet (100 to 1,500 meters).

This volume is about half the size of the Atlantic Ocean on Earth, with 30% to 99% of the water chemically becomes the hydrous minerals under the crust of Mars.V#duzline #NASA

Humans first heard the sound of the surface of Mars: chilling
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