India: MP’s body found hanging from hotel room

India: MP’s body found hanging from hotel room


Mumbai: The mysterious death of a Member of Parliament in India has come to light, which is being investigated.

Indian media According to reports, MP Mohan S. Delkar has died mysteriously in Mumbai this morning. His body was found hanging in a hotel room.

Police also recovered a suicide note from a hotel room, but did not provide details to the media.

Lok Sabha MP Mohan S. Delkar, from the Dadra and Nagar Haveli areas under the central government, was found dead in a hotel room in Mumbai on Monday morning, police said.

Indian MP Mohan Delkar

Police are trying to find out when and why Delker arrived in Mumbai and who he was in contact with in the city.

Delker, 58, belonged to the Indian Nushkti Party and was a farmer. Preliminary reports indicate that Delker committed suicide.

According to media reports, Mohan S. Delkar was staying at the Sea Green Hotel on Marine Drive, a Mumbai resort.

Police say the MP’s sudden death is being investigated, and the body has been sent for an autopsy for more information.


India: MP’s body found hanging from hotel room
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