Instagram is bringing another revolution, add Clubhouse-like audio rooms,and more,

Instagram is bringing another revolution, add Clubhouse-like audio rooms,and more,

According to a report and details The recent rise in clubhouse popularity suggests that voice-based interaction is the future of social media.

Join Clubhouse! Umm, What Is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is currently restricted to iOS and can only be accessed if another user invites you. Seeing this as a potential opportunity,

Can Clubhouse Move Fast Without Breaking Things?

social media giants, including Facebook, and Twitter, are working on their own adaptations for more viewers.

Facebook bringing a better app than TikTok,

Twitter Space has already been tested, but it turns out that Facebook is also working to bring a live audio room to the Instagram app.

Twitter spaces for testing in Android and other markets

In addition to the audio room, Instagram is also working to enable end-to-end encryption (E2EE) in chat.

Instagram Live is a popular tool for creators to interact with their followers. In addition, Instagram has recently turned into a live room, allowing anyone to stay alive and add up to 3 users.

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Therefore, Instagram also seems to be working on a live audio room where hosts can add groups of other users during a live audio session.
App researcher Alessandro Plovzi shared a screenshot of the Instagram feature under development on his Twitter account.

One of the screenshots shows a microphone icon with a regular camcorder icon that you would normally see during a live video session.

Plozzi doesn’t share details about Instagram’s live audio room features, but the location of the microphone icon just in front of the camera icon suggests that Instagram can integrate audio and video live rooms.

Facebook was originally intended to clone Clubbhushan last month. Instagram also confirmed in its live room announcement that it is “looking for interactive tools that will be available in the coming months, such as moderator controls and audio capabilities.” Although the audio room features are relatively new, the app is also designed to take advantage of the fact that it was commissioned at least two years ago.

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Last year, Facebook launched a combination of chat with Instagram and Messenger, allowing users to connect to one of two applications. The partnership was first ordered by Facebook Chief Mark Zuckerberg in January 2019. In addition to planning to integrate chat from Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp into a single messaging platform, Zuckerberg also emphasized the need to finally implement encryption. Its messaging app features-currently limited to WhatsApp.

Facebook introduced anonymous messaging in its recently announced privacy vanish mode, but end-to-end encryption adds a layer of security to chat and interprets communications to non-users. Prevents you from doing so even if it is blocked. This feature is recommended for app researcher Alessandro Plozzi, who didn’t share the details.

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These features are currently under development and are not available to users. We’ll add more details as we learn about them.

Instagram is bringing another revolution, add Clubhouse-like audio rooms,and more,
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