Inventory Apple’s four most failed products: iPod touch bears the brunt

Inventory Apple’s four most failed products: iPod touch bears the brunt

Apple has launched many successful products in the industry, whether it is iPhone, iPad or Mac, AirPods, each product is a benchmark in the industry, and it is also the object of many domestic manufacturers to imitate;

However, as Apple continues to expand its product line, it has also launched some very failed products. Even though these products were optimistic at the beginning of the market, their sales and reputation are very dismal, and some of them have been discontinued or removed from the official website.

So today we will quickly take stock of the most failed products that Apple has launched.

iPod touch

In the era of Jobs, the iPod made great contributions to Apple. It drove the CD out of the altar and opened a new era of portable digital music;

However, since the iPhone 4, the iPod has begun to decline, and Apple has instead introduced the brand new iPod touch, which was called the “iPhone that can’t make calls” by many people at the time.

Due to the overlap of the functions of the iPhone, the positioning of the iPod touch is very vague, and the large-screen market is firmly occupied by the iPad series, which makes the position of the iPod touch even more embarrassing.

In May 2019, Apple quietly released the new seventh-generation iPod touch on the official website, but in fact it is a new sixth-generation iPod touch with an A10 Fusion processor;

4-inch screen, 1136×640 resolution (consistent with iPhone 5s), 8 million pixel rear camera (consistent with iPhone 6), 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth 4.1, up to 8 hours of battery life (video playback), 32GB capacity starting.

Even in 2019, this is a product that is out of touch with the times, even if it is purely for feelings, it is still not worth buying. Two years later, iPod touch has become the most inexistent product on Apple’s official website, and it may be suddenly removed from the shelves one day.


HomePod is also a very failed product under Apple. In March of this year, Apple publicly stated that it would discontinue HomePod production and continue to produce and focus on the HomePod mini launched last year.

Apple originally hoped that HomePod could gain an industry advantage with excellent sound quality, but its sales price of $349 has caused its sales to remain poor, and it has never been able to open the market. It has been left behind by Amazon Echo series and Google Home series smart speakers Behind.

Apple said in a statement that the original HomePod will continue to be sold until Apple’s online store and retail stores are sold out.

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Obviously, the key factor restricting HomePod sales is not the “smart” slot, but the price.

In the early days of the launch, the price of HomePod was US$349. Apple lowered the price to US$299 in April 2019 (the Bank of China dropped the highest and even reached 1500 yuan), but it still failed to continue to open the market.

Finally, the HomePod mini has been selling well in the market since its launch last fall, providing users with outstanding sound quality, smart voice assistants, and smart home controls for only $99. Apple claims that in the future they will focus on HomePod mini and stop producing the first generation HomePod.

iPhone Smart Battery Box

Among the many iPhone models, Apple has launched exclusive smart battery cases for two iPhones (iPhone 7 and iPhone 11 series).

I believe that many people have never used this product. Its price of 999 yuan is more than 250 yuan more than a HomePod mini. The key is that the original thin and light iPhone becomes dumb and stupid after putting on this chicken rib protective case. , Completely lost the portability of carrying.

Apple claims that when the smart Battery Box
a is fully charged, it can extend the battery life of the iPhone by up to 50%;

But the problem is that every time you charge the Iphone , you also need to charge the smart charging box (if the charging box is not fully charged). This invisibly extends the charging time, so why not just use the power bank?

You must know that even the current 10000mAh power bank can be half the size of an iPhone. It also supports fast charging, and is very thin and light. It is not stressful to carry, but the price is only a hundred yuan.

lightning EarPods

Apple cut off the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 that year, and the 3.5mm plug EarPods presented with the iPhone in previous years has since become a lightning plug.

This move has been complained by countless users. The most worrisome thing is that the headset cannot be used when the iPhone is charging, and the iPhone 7 does not support wireless charging. It has become a beautiful fantasy to listen to music while charging.

Perhaps Apple has already seen this fatal flaw that seriously affects the user experience, so in the same year it also launched the first true wireless headset-AirPods.

The launch of AirPods is undoubtedly a success. Although its price is relatively expensive, it perfectly solves the pain points of users, and at the same time allows users to completely get rid of the shackles of wires;

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However, this is undoubtedly a fatal blow for the EarPods that just changed the lightning plug. Many users have since left the EarPods in the box or in the drawer of a cabinet and never touched it again.

As of last year’s iPhone 12, Apple simply cancelled the lightning plug headset in the box.

The reason is that Apple’s investigation found that the vast majority of users no longer use this headset,

and this product that Apple has failed has since completely said goodbye to the iPhone,

and it has also reduced some considerable costs for Apple. In an accident,

we should never see EarPods with lightning plugs again.

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Inventory Apple’s four most failed products: iPod touch bears the brunt
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