iOS 15 is coming: the iPad home screen has a new look

iOS 15 is coming: the iPad home screen has a new look

With the end of Apple’s spring conference, related matters related to Apple’s global developer conference WWDC 21 have also been put on the agenda.

Generally speaking,

Apple is used to releasing updated operating systems and software on WWDC, such as iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and so on.

Recently, there have been many news about iOS 15, which will bring a different experience to our future use.

Bloomberg’s well-known Apple whistleblower Mark Gurman said that Apple is making some “significant improvements”

to the iPad home screen. For example, the new system supports adding widgets to the iPad home screen, just like iOS 14 supports enabling desktop widgets on the iPhone home screen. The parts are the same.

Apple’s just released iPad Pro 2021 has a powerful M1 chip, which will make the iPad Pro have extremely strong processing capabilities, and the new home screen system can enable users to make full use of this productivity device.

Apple has designed a new notification feature

that will allow users to customize notification preferences based on different activities currently in progress (such as driving, working, sleeping, or other categories). For example, the iPhone can be set to only sound when the user is not at work.

The new notification menu will be displayed on the updated “lock screen” and in the “Control Center” so that users can quickly access settings.

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In the updated system,

Apple has further shown its concern for user privacy. Gurman said that iOS 15 will also include a transparent tracking feature to inform users when APP is secretly collecting data about them.
Domestic users usually have instant messaging tools such as WeChat and QQ, and the most likely use of Apple’s iMessage is to receive text messages.

Of course, there are popular apps such as WhatsApp in foreign countries, but Apple obviously doesn’t want iMessage to be outrageous.

iOS 15 Apple will also gradually bring upgrades to iMessage, with the ultimate goal of occupying more social networks and better competing with WhatsApp.

However, people familiar with the matter said these changes are still in the early stages of development and may appear in the future.

According to some known information, Apple’s upgrade to iOS 15 is still in the process of optimizing existing functions and protecting user privacy. However, for the first time , Apple provides the function of changing the notification range based on user status, which will also make users use the device in the future. Time is more suitable for the application scenario, and more insensitive.

The Apple Global Developers Conference will be held online from June 8th to 12th,

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iOS 15 is coming: the iPad home screen has a new look
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