iOS 15 is here: interface style changes

iOS 15 is here: interface style changes

Entering April, more and more news from the outside world pays attention to the Apple WWDC Developer Conference, and they are all speculating about what new iOS 15 will be launched.

There have been many news about iOS 15, among which overseas netizens broke the news relatively more targeted.

They believe that the control center of iOS 15 will be redesigned, the style follows macOS Big Sur.

For example: the personalized function of the control center is enhanced, allowing users to drag the position of the icon,

just like the main interface program icon; the control is more compact; the control center component supports custom sorting, etc.

Not only that, iOS 15 will also support Face ID and Touch ID dual unlocking schemes.

Outsiders speculate that this may become the first feature of the iPhone 13, that is to say, in addition to continuing to support the 3D face recognition function such as face ID, the iPhone 13 also supports the fingerprint in the Touch ID screen.

As for the list of iOS 15 support upgrade models, there have been reports that iPhone 6S and the original iPhone SE will not be included in the upgrade list.

In other words, the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and the 2016 iPhone SE, the three mobile phones that use the A9 chip, will soon be announced that they have no chance with the latest iOS system.

It is worth mentioning that Guo Mingchi previously predicted that the iPhone 13 will be released in September this year.

In addition to further improvements in the performance and power consumption of the A15 chip, the iPhone 13 series is expected to complement the short version of the iPhone 12 series last year, such as battery life, signal, and fingerprints under the screen.

In other respects, the iPhone 13 series is also expected to undergo minor changes, such as moving the earpiece to the top frame to further reduce the area of ​​the “bangs” at the top of the screen.

The iPhone 13 Pro series screen is expected to be upgraded to a high refresh rate of 120Hz; fingerprint recognition under the screen is added.

In addition, the iPhone 13 series is also expected to add a new matte black, and the anti-fingerprint performance of the stainless steel edge will be further improved.

So what kind of works will Apple present for us? We will wait and see.

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iOS 15 is here: interface style changes
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