IOS 15 leaks: iPhone 13 may also support face ID + under-screen fingerprints

IOS 15 leaks: iPhone 13 may also support face ID + under-screen fingerprints

The Apple WWDC Developer Conference
is scheduled to be held from June 7th to 11th, and iOS 15 will be the absolute protagonist.

A recent report said that the interface changes in iOS 15 include at least the adjustment of the control center. One is to allow users to drag and customize the position of the controls, just like the main interface program icons, and the other is to arrange the controls more. compact.

Not only that,iOS 15 will also support Face ID and Touch ID dual unlocking schemes. It is speculated that this may become the first feature of the iPhone 13, which means that in addition to continuing to support 3D face recognition functions such as face ID, the iPhone 13 also supports fingerprints in the Touch ID screen.

However, whether Apple uses optical fingerprint recognition or Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint solution, or other self-developed solutions, is still unknown.

The sudden new crown epidemic has given iPhone users a particularly good voice for fingerprint recognition, although Apple has adopted measures such as optimizing the digital password and allowing the Apple Watch to be unlocked when it is close to alleviate the problem of masks.

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IOS 15 leaks: iPhone 13 may also support face ID + under-screen fingerprints
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