iPhone 12 can’t be sold, and production cut? Think too much

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After the release of the Apple iPhone 12 series, mobile phones, they have been popular among consumers in the global market. With this popular model,

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Apple returned to the world’s number one position in the fourth quarter of last year, with a market share of 23.4%. More than Samsung.

However, early on March 11, there was news that the demand for Apple’s iPhone 12 was declining, which forced Apple to cut all iPhone orders by 20%. Affected by this news, Apple’s industry chain concept stocks plunged against the market this morning. Later, some people in Apple’s supply chain dispelled the rumors.

According to the China Securities Journal, the person in charge of a leading company in the Apple industry chain accepted an interview with a reporter from the China Securities Journal and responded that the news was a rumor. “ In fact, not only has the demand not decreased, but the sales of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, have been better than expected. .”

In fact, there are many loopholes in the news. Even if there is no supply chain to refute the rumors, it can be judged as rumors from two aspects.

The 5G replacement wave is far from over

With the advent of the 5G era, a large number of 3G/4G users need to replace 5G mobile phones to experience the 5G network.

The iPhone 12 series is Apple’s first model to support 5G networks, and its popularity will continue for a long time.

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Even if Apple releases a new iPhone 13 series in the future, the iPhone 12 series can still capture a large number of consumers with a lower price.

The demand for iPhone 13 can be increased by continuing the excellent supply of iPhone 12

In fact, based on past experience, after Apple released new models, old models still often top the sales lists of major e-commerce platforms, such as iPhone 11. Because for most Chinese consumers, the old iPhone is more cost-effective and worth buying.

In addition, according to previous reports from CCTV, 2020 is a year when China’s 5G mobile phones are accelerating, and mobile phone companies have ushered in an “order wave”, and this “order wave” will continue into 2021.

According to data released by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, in 2020, the proportion of 5G mobile phone shipments in my country will increase month by month, from a low of 26.3% in January last year to 39.3% in April, 46.3% in May, and 61.2% in June. The proportion has been maintained at more than 60%, reaching 68.0% in January this year, and shipments reached 27.278 million units, setting a new monthly high.

From this, the industry believes that with the further deployment of 5G base stations and the emergence of more 5G applications, 2021 will become a year when the 5G industry chain will fully explode. As a smart phone giant, Apple will inevitably benefit further from it.

In fact, there are also analysts at Wedbush, a well-known foreign investment institution. They believe that among the 950 million iPhones in the world, there are 350 million old devices. According to the upgrade cycle and 5G demand, Apple will Or will usher in the biggest wave of machine replacements.


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Domestic high-end market or Apple exclusive

For Apple, another big plus in 2021 is that Huawei’s mobile phone business is still trapped.

As Huawei’s chip supply continues to be unresolved, some foreign media predict that this may release a market demand of over 100 million units, of which mid-to-high-end models account for the main share. In the domestic market, the market share of high-end mobile phones is basically only the two major brands of Huawei and Apple.

According to a report by IDC, an international authoritative market research organization, in the high-end mobile phone market with prices above US$600 in the Chinese market in the first half of 2020, Huawei’s market share accounted for 44.1%, and Apple’s market share accounted for 44%. The two almost evenly split the domestic high-end market share. .

Morgan Stanley analysts previously stated that iPhone shipments in China in January this year increased by 150% year-on-year, and they are expected to remain strong in March and even this quarter.

On the one hand is the huge “5G mobile phone replacement tide”, on the other hand is the passive exit of the biggest opponent. How can such two major benefits make Apple iPhone lighten up?

If Apple really wants to reduce production, the biggest possibility is to reduce iPhone 12 mini production orders. The market performance of this model has been unsatisfactory since its release. Although the iPhone 12 mini is currently the cheapest 5G iPhone, it has become the worst-selling model in the series due to battery life and other issues.

However, even if the iPhone 12 mini is to reduce production, other iPhone models with good sales will soon be able to fill the spare orders, so the entire iPhone’s production capacity will not be reduced.


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iPhone 12 can’t be sold, and production cut? Think too much https://www.duzline.com
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