iPhone 12S or iPhone 13? What will Apple name its next smartphone?


According to the report We’ve mostly referred to Apple’s next numbered iPhone as the iPhone 13, but will it really launch what it launches? Given that it follows the iPhone 12, it makes sense, but there are a few reasons for that.

Below, we’ll look at what those reasons are, what Apple calls the next big iPhone instead (the iPhone 12S is an alternative option, but not the only one), and what the rumours so far say.

iPhone 13 screen touch ID sensor likely new report

We’ll also consider how likely the alternative name actually is, and as we hear more about the name, we’re sure to update this piece.

A contradictory pattern

So why can’t Apple call its next big phone iPhone 13? One reason for this is that it sometimes follows a numbered model with the ‘S’ version. For example, the iPhone 6 was followed by the iPhone 6S.

But that’s not a pattern that Apple has always maintained, and in fact, the last ‘S’ model was the iPhone XS – so the iPhone 12 came after the iPhone 11, which has no iPhone 11S.

So if Apple continues with what Apple has been doing for the last two years, we can expect the iPhone 13, but if it goes back to using an ‘S’, then chances are we’ll get an iPhone 12. Will be found

Ominous number

Another reason Apple didn’t go to number 13 is that it could be seen as an unfortunate number in many parts of the world, including Apple’s US home market.

Of course, calling the iPhone 12S on the next phone won’t completely solve the problem because Apple will still have it by the 13th of next year.

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What do rumors say?

Initial rumours about the next major iPhone were widely circulated as the iPhone 13, but it’s not clear if sources heard it would be a name or just assuming it would, and now In the meantime, some sources have specifically said that it will be called the phone 12S.

For example, Bloomberg reports that engineers inside Apple consider the next model to be an ‘S’ version, although it is not necessary to launch it with the name ‘S’.

iPhone 13 screen touch ID sensor likely new report

Leak Pro, John Prosser, who has a reasonable track record, has also suggested that the next model be called the iPhone 12S, as are Gizchina and DJ Times.

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Ross Young – A display industry expert who leaked things correctly in the past. He also describes the upcoming phones as the iPhone 12S range, although he notes that he is “not sure” whether this will be the final name.

In particular, at the time of writing, no specific sources have been revealed and it has been said that the phones will be called iPhone 13, so based on the evidence available at the moment, the iPhone 12S is really more likely.

What’s in a name?

Significantly, if Apple wants to call its next iPhone the iPhone 12S, this can’t be done at random, and in fact it could indicate that the next model will be a relatively minor update that Not worth a new number.

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There is a lot of speculation, especially since the iPhone 13 is still in its infancy, but keep that in mind, especially since the initial rumours suggest that the design may be similar to the iPhone 12.

Can Apple choose a completely different name?

It is possible. As mentioned above, calling the next model 12S does not solve the problem of the 13 being unlucky, it only delays this issue for a year. So Apple will go straight to the iPhone 14 or use some new name convention, but so far there is no suggestion that this will happen, so we say it is unlikely.

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