iPhone 13 appearance exposure: diagonal dual camera, 7 colorful color matching

iPhone 13 appearance exposure: diagonal dual camera, 7 colorful color matching https://www.duzline.com

Last week,

Apple officially held a new product launch conference in spring and launched a new generation of iPad Pro, iMac and other products. These product lines have received major updates, such as mini LED screens, new designs, etc., which is even more impressive. I look forward to the iPhone 13 series that will debut this fall.

According to previous news,

Apple will hold a new product launch conference in September as scheduled this year to iterate on the iPhone product line and officially launch the new iPhone 13 series.

Recently, some netizens exposed a set of comparative renderings of the appearance of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12, which showed some of the changes of the new machine.

According to the picture,The iPhone 13 as a whole still inherits the design ideas of the current product.The right-angle frame and the camera arrangement scheme in the upper left corner are adopted, but the arrangement of the cameras is changed to diagonal,The overall visual perception seems to be more coordinated.

In addition, since the iPhone 11, Apple has begun to create colorful color schemes for the digital series.The iPhone 13 will go further, launching a total of 7 colors in black, white, red, coral, green, blue, and rose gold.More color schemes will also further expand the audience of iPhone 13, thereby boosting sales.

It’s worth mentioning that, according to previous reports from various sources,

The iPhone 13 series will use a smaller bangs screen,Optimize the Face ID component of Liu Haizhong through the micro-slit earpiece solution, taking into account the screen-to-body ratio and the Face ID face recognition effect.

In terms of configuration, it is reported that the iPhone 13 will be equipped with Apple’s latest generation A15 chip and will continue to be built with TSMC’s 5nm process. The overall performance may not be much different from the previous generation A14, but it will be improved in terms of power consumption and heat generation.

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iPhone 13 appearance exposure: diagonal dual camera, 7 colorful color matching https://www.duzline.com
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