IPhone 13 is high and stable!Analyst: Samsung will supply LTPO screens to Apple

IPhone 13 is high and stable!Analyst: Samsung will supply LTPO screens to Apple https://www.duzline.com

In recent years, high-swipe screens have rapidly become popular on Android phones,

Thousands of yuan phones can be equipped with displays with a 120Hz refresh rate, which can significantly improve the visual and operating experience.

Nowadays, only Apple’s flagship mobile phone, does not provide a high-brush display,

which also makes many users dissatisfied, and even switched to the Android camp for this reason, causing the iPhone to lose many users.


this situation will be reversed this year.

There have been many rumors before that,Apple will equip the iPhone 13 to be launched this fall with a 120Hz high refresh screen,

This will greatly enhance the user experience.

Exposure that the Huawei HDC Developer Conference will be held on April 24: Hongmeng OS is expected to officially debut

There is now a report confirming this.

According to foreign media sources, there is a latest report from Elec that shows thatSamsung will supply LTPO screens to Apple in the first half of this year,

This is a more “smart” screen, not only can support up to 120Hz refresh rate, but also support 1-120Hz adaptive refresh rate adjustment,

which can adjust the appropriate refresh rate in real time according to the display content.

LTPO Screen,

LTPO screen application,Not only can it provide a high refresh rate for the iPhone 13,

it will also save more power than ordinary OLED screens.Eliminate the user’s anxiety about battery life.

at the same time,The iPhone is also expected to join the AOD screen display function for the first time.

OPPO Reno 5Z key specifications, the design emerged from the presence of FCC, OPPO 74 5G also certified

Because LTPO can make Apple’s refresh rate close to 1Hz,

Apple Watch used this technology to achieve a constant screen display without increasing power consumption.

Based on the currently known news, in addition to the significant upgrade of Apple’s quality, iPhone 13 It will also bring a smaller area of ​​bangs,

The overall screen-to-body ratio is further improved.

In addition, the latest news from the supply chain has also been reported recently.

Apple will hold a new product launch conference in September as scheduled, and will start shipping in the third week.

5 million Adecco.com users’ data leaked,

It will not be delayed due to the lack of cores. It is worth looking forward to.

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IPhone 13 is high and stable!Analyst: Samsung will supply LTPO screens to Apple https://www.duzline.com
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