IPhone 13 series exposure summary: Apple finally plans to shrink the bangs

IPhone 13 series exposure summary: Apple finally plans to shrink the bangs https://www.duzline.com

Although it is only April and the northern hemisphere has just stepped into the summer, the iPhone 13 series,

which is expected to be released in the fall, has been exposed by many analysis companies and the media.

In terms of experience in previous years, most of the iPhone information exposed in the spring is mixed.

Because the new product is still under development, many product features may not have been successfully implemented or even fully finalized.

When the product is actually released, there may be some new changes.

But we can still get some news from it, and piece together the most likely look of the iPhone 13 series.

The first thing to be sure is thatIt is basically impossible for the iPhone 13 series to cancel the bangs design.

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On the one hand, there is no news in the current supply chain. On the other hand, Apple still believes that Touch ID can bring a better experience.

On last year’s iPad Air 4, Apple distinguished it from the high-end iPad Pro with several points,

one is the screen, the second is biometrics, and the side fingerprint.

This shows that in Apple’s product positioning, at least the side fingerprint positioning is lower than FaceID.

Under Screen Fingerprint,

The under-screen fingerprint recognition on the front is currently available in optical and ultrasonic. The optical security performance is not as good as FaceID, and Apple will most likely not use it.

The ultrasonic fingerprint recognition solution has been unsatisfactory in recognition speed before,

but the new solution carried by the recent Meizu 18 series is impressive in terms of speed, but I should only look forward to next year’s iPhone.

Although the bangs are still there, there is a high probability that there will be small bangs this year. Judging from the exposure map of @jon_prosser,It is very likely that the

iPhone 13 series will use smaller bangs.

Among them, the cameras and dot-matrix projectors required by FaceID remain unchanged.

The main change is that the earpiece is moved to the edge of the plane, giving up nearly a quarter of the width.

Of course, there is a problem here, that is, the earpiece part is actually the upper speaker of the dual speakers,

and the upward movement will affect its volume, which in turn affects the sound quality of the dual speakers.
Apple estimates that it will carefully consider how to solve this.

It is a pity that the iPhone 12 series did not use a high-swipe screen, but the regret of the iPhone 13 series is expected to make up.

According to the analysis company UBI Research,

At present, Samsung has begun to produce LTPO OLED display screens for Apple.

This display screen is very popular in this year’s flagship market, which can realize the dynamic adjustment of mobile phone screen refresh rate.

In other words, with this screen, the iPhone 13 series can use a high refresh rate,

while ensuring battery life.

It is reported that Apple continues to push the iPhone 13 mini configuration upgrade, battery life improvement

In addition, there are some credibility but relatively small points. First of all, in terms of appearance and craftsmanship,

the stainless steel middle frame of the iPhone 12 Pro series has an excellent texture, but the glossy characteristics make it extremely easy to contaminate fingerprints.

On the iPhone 13 series, this problem may be improved. According to a source from the whistleblower Max Weinbach,

Apple will use a new stainless steel coating on the iPhone 13 series, which can effectively reduce fingerprint contamination.

In terms of hardware, the iPhone 13 series will definitely be equipped with the A15? Bionic processor,

and the process is still 5nm, but this time 5nm is an upgraded N5P process of TSMC,

which has a further improvement in energy efficiency.

Of course,

in addition to these more credible news, there are some more outrageous news.

The news comes from a recent patent document of Apple,

The document shows a brand-new shell design that transplants the heat dissipation appearance of the grater,

which is intensively feared by patients on the Mac Pro, to the iPhone.

The patent document even described the heat dissipation performance for mobile phone SoC performance blessing,

and also said that such a design can improve the grip of the mobile phone.

Such a design will never appear on the iPhone at least. On the one hand, the heat dissipation requirements of the mobile phone are far lower than that of the performance monster like the Mac Pro. On the other hand,

this design will make the interior of the mobile phone very easy to enter dust or even water. , The reliability will be greatly reduced, so everyone should watch the fun.

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The last thing I want to mention is that in addition to the normally updated iPhone digital series, the iPhone SE is also a model that the outside world is generally concerned about.

However, judging from the current news, iPhone SE may not appear this year.

According to analyst Ross Young,The next iPhone SE will debut next year, and this model will continue to be equipped with a 4.7-inch LCD display,

while another iPhone SE of the 2023 model will use a 6.1-inch display with an open-hole screen solution.


these two models will take a long time to be released, and the two features of LCD and 4.7 inches are too outrageous in 2022. I think the credibility is low.

In short, as mentioned above, the actual release date of iPhone 13 is still far in the autumn,

so I only select some new features from reliable and reasonable sources.

In general, high brushes and narrow bangs should have a high probability.

But like the iPhone SE and the appearance of the grater, the credibility at this time is too low.

In addition, before the iPhone comes out, we can also pay attention to the WWDC in June.

After all, this conference will announce the software features of the new version of iOS, which is also worthy of attention.

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IPhone 13 series exposure summary: Apple finally plans to shrink the bangs https://www.duzline.com
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