iPhone in 2023 may be equipped with a periscope lens, Ming-Chi Kuo Report: Predicts

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Apple iPhone models will be equipped with a “periscope telephoto lens” in 2023, a research note shared by TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests.
Popular Android smartphone, makers such as Huawei, and Samsung, have already introduced periscope lenses, to their flagship mobile phones,

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However, Apple has not yet incorporated this development into its iPhone lineup, Several previous reports have also shown that the company is interested in introducing new iPhone models with periscope lenses, The eyepiece-shaped construction allows for better optical zoom without increasing the bumps on the camera.

MacRumors says a new note shared by Ming-Chi Kuo talks about Apple’s move to periscope lens technology in the iPhone 2023 series,

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However, analysts previously speculated that a Cupertino-based company could move to an iPhone model with an endoscope in 2022. At that time, Apple was able to develop endoscopes in partnership with Semco in South Korea and Sunny Optical in China. lens.

Companies such as Huawei, Oppo and Samsung offer hybrid zoom using periscope lenses on smartphones. Samsung also offers up to 100x space zoom technology on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, and Galaxy S21 Ultra,

In addition to the 2023 iPhone model, Kuo’s latest memo reportedly contains some speculation about the 2021 and 2022 iPhone lineups, This may be possible thanks to improvements in coating technology that did not initially exist when Face ID was introduced in 2017. It has not yet been confirmed whether it will benefit the end consumer.

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The high-end model of the iPhone 2021 lineup, which was named the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12s series by various rumors, is also said to have an upgraded telephoto lens.

For the iPhone 2022 model, Kuo expects not only the “integrated lens design” of the selfie camera, but also the improvement of the rear camera. The latter could help Apple reduce the size of the front camera unit.

Earlier this month, Kuo reported that the iPhone 14 Pro model scheduled for 2022 would have a punchhole display design and could be extended to other iPhone models in 2023. 2023 iPhone SE 5G. Works in the same year.

7 New Leaks iPhone 14, sure you would like to know https://www.duzline.com
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