March iOS device performance list: the strongest iPhone only ranked sixth

March iOS device performance list: the strongest iPhone only ranked sixth

The first quarter of 2021 is over. Compared with the domestic Android mobile phone market which is in full swing, there are still no new products on iOS.

AnTuTu collected iOS running score data from March 1 to March 31, 2021. The results appearing in the list are average running scores, not the highest running scores, which is more representative.

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro 3 once again firmly held the number one position . It is equipped with Apple’s A12X bionic chip with an average running score of 727,861. This has been the iPad Pro 3’s four consecutive months of dominating the list.


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The second and third places are the iPad Pro 4 12.9-inch version and the iPad Pro 4 11-inch version .
Both are equipped with the A12Z bionic chip. The running points are 717856 points and 712939 points respectively, and the performance is equally strong.

In addition to the top three, the subsequent 7 products are: iPad Pro 3 (11-inch) with an average score of 688533,

iPad Air 4 with an average score of 647455, iPhone 12 Pro Max with an average score of 642120, and iPhone 12 mini with an average score of 613844. , IPhone 12 average score of 617179 points, iPhone 12 Pro average score of 605559 points, iPhone 11 Pro Max average score of 529160 points.

Except for the last iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is within 60W, the other 9 products have reached an average score of 60W or more, and can even reach the average score of 70W.

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March iOS device performance list: the strongest iPhone only ranked sixth
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