Meizu 18 is the most anticipated feature of Meiyou!Support 2K+120Hz dual-open

Meizu 18 is the most anticipated feature of Meiyou!Support 2K+120Hz dual-open

In a past survey, it was found that the biggest factor affecting users to buy smart phones, is the battery life.

Therefore, in order to dispel users’ “battery life anxiety”, in the past few years,

charging speed and large-capacity batteries have become the main areas of competition for domestic mobile phone manufacturers,

and they dare not easily use 2K screens.

And now, as the endurance of smartphones continues to improve,

consumers are beginning to pursue high refresh rates and high-resolution screens.

Users’ pursuit of the ultimate experience will never stop,

but many mobile phones currently on the market cannot simultaneously turn on 2K resolution and 120Hz high refresh rate,

due to hardware reasons, which makes many users regret.

However, Meizu engineers finally unlocked the Meizu 18 series 2K+120Hz dual-opening through continuous attempts .

On March 26, Meizu officially pushed the Flyme9.0.1.0A system update for the mobile phone. After the update,

the screen supports both 120Hz refresh rate and QHD+ resolution.

However, it is worth mentioning that Flyme9.0.1.0A is only for the media version of Meizu 18 series mobile phones for testing, and other users still need to wait for a while.

The Meizu 18 series comes standard with a 2K/120Hz high-spec display, using Samsung E4 material, a resolution of 3200 x 1440, and a peak brightness of 1300nit, which is a top-level screen in the industry.

The 2K+120Hz dual-opening this time has once again verified Meizu’s famous saying: Everything can be OTA.
In this regard, some netizens said: “Meizu is a real OTA manufacturer.”
At present, many digital bloggers said after experiencing it for a period of time that they are comfortable to use and no problems were found.

0 ads,

After the Meizu 18 series dual-open “2K+120Hz”, the user experience will undoubtedly go further. In addition, the Meizu 18 series is Meizu’s first mobile phone product with

“0 ads, 0 pre-installed, and 0 push”.

Therefore, whether you are pursuing configuration parameters or a clean and pure software experience, the Meizu 18 series can fully satisfy you.

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Meizu 18 is the most anticipated feature of Meiyou!Support 2K+120Hz dual-open
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