Mercedes-Benz EQS interior exposed! Netizens exclaimed: Hengchi 1?

Mercedes-Benz EQS interior exposed! Netizens exclaimed: Hengchi 1?

The long-rumored Mercedes-Benz pure electric flagship, the EQS interior puzzle has finally been revealed.

A few days ago, Mercedes-Benz officially announced the official ESQ interior image.

The biggest highlight of the new car is the newly released MBUX Hyperscreen car-machine system. It has a large triple screen with a width of more than 140 cm.

This is a mass-produced model of Mercedes-Benz so far. The largest human-computer interaction interface equipped on it.

It is reported that the Mercedes-Benz EQS will be the flagship model of the EQ family. It is positioned as a medium and large pure electric car.
It is expected to usher in a new debut on April 15 and will be officially launched overseas in August.

Judging from the official map, EQS’s interior offers two different styles, one is the optional MBUX Hyperscreen system with a horizontal layout;

the other is a more traditional vertical layout, which is similar to the new Mercedes-Benz S.

Among them, the large penetrating OLED screen of the MBUX Hyperscreen system is made of irregular curved glass,

Three displays are embedded in it to form a seamless integrated design. Some netizens said that this wave of design is similar to Hengchi 1.


Previously announced Hengchi 1

In addition to the super-large size, it seamlessly integrates the originally separate LCD instrumentation,

central control screen, co-drive entertainment screen (newly added),

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and air conditioning vents to achieve an unprecedented design aesthetic.

Mercedes-Benz said that this car-machine system does not require users to manually scroll through various sub-menus, or even use voice commands,

because the most important applications are always displayed at the top level and can be used by clicking.
AI intelligence will make various suggestions, and users can “accept” or “reject” with a single click, which greatly improves the convenience.

In addition, in the detail design, the horizontal air outlet above the large screen adopts a rose gold line design,

which echoes the atmosphere lights in the car, extending to the doors on both sides, adding a sense of spaciousness to the car interior.

The center console area is decorated with wood grain panels to reflect the sense of luxury. There is also a spacious storage compartment under the center console.

At present, information on the appearance and power of the new car is still very limited, but it is said that the EQS will be more than 5 meters in length.
Experiencers who have tested the EQS prototype said that its handling performance can reach the level of an S-class coupe, and the cruising range It is expected to exceed 700 kilometers.

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Mercedes-Benz EQS interior exposed! Netizens exclaimed: Hengchi 1?
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