Mi 11 Pro/Ultra supports 67W wireless flash charging: as fast as wired charging

Mi 11 Pro/Ultra supports 67W wireless flash charging: as fast as wired charging https://www.duzline.com

On April 6, Xiaomi introduced in detail the 67W wireless charging supported by Mi 11 Pro and Ultra. It only takes 36 minutes to fully charge,

and the charging speed is zero time difference with 67W wired charging.

Officials pointed out that Xiaomi’s wireless fast charging architecture has gone through 4 generations of technology in 3 years,

from the Buck wireless charging architecture (charging power 5W-15W) starting from Xiaomi MIX 2S to the Buck + 2:1 charge pump wireless charging architecture (charging Power 20W),

and then to the 4:1 charge pump wireless charging architecture (charging power 30W-50W) adopted by Xiaomi 9 Pro, Xiaomi 10 and Xiaomi 11, our wireless charging technology has been leading the industry.

And Xiaomi 11 Pro and Ultra’s new self-developed 6:1 charge pump second charging architecture uses 6 times boost + low current to provide a unique and efficient way for high-power wireless charging.

New self-developed 6 times booster second charging architecture, how to achieve more efficient charging?

The official emphasized,

Although the principle is simple, it is very difficult to achieve a 6 times boost charging architecture. For this reason, we have customized two new chips.

Xiaomi breaks the limitation of traditional mobile phone charging chips working at 20V and customized the industry’s first 30V wireless charging chip.

This customized chip adopts advanced process, and design methods, to comprehensively, improve the switching characteristics, and conduction characteristics of the device,

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So that the characteristic on-resistance (Rsp) is reduced by 28% compared with the previous generation of 20V products, and the area of ​​the device with the same performance is reduced by 20%. Significantly improve the power density of the device.

This also enables the miniaturization of Xiaomi wireless charging devices, and finally realizes a unique chip with small size, high voltage, high efficiency and high power.

Xiaomi customized wireless charging chip supports 30V high-voltage output and low-power operation mode,

unique high-voltage protection mechanism and power classification protection mechanism to protect chip safety;

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customized voltage tracking technology, precise FOD detection technology, reverse Q-value detection technology and other new Technology enhances the safety of wireless charging.

With the blessing of these new technologies, combined with the 15-fold safety monitoring algorithm, the wireless charging chip can operate stably in up to 8 different charging modes.

Challenge the multi-mode safety design pinnacle customization industry’s first 6:2 charge pump with 30V voltage input

According to the 30V wireless charging technology standard, we customized the industry’s first 6:2 charge pump chip. The new topology design can achieve 6 working modes of 6:2 /4:2 /2:2 forward or reverse.

Muti mode,

Achieve 6:2 working mode with up to 97% efficiency, multi-mode safe and stable switching, highest efficiency follow mode, 12-fold safety protection and other core key technologies.

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Thanks to the 6 times boost charging architecture and two customized chips, a two-stage charge pump, a three-charge parallel design,

Latest safe charging algorithm and a new generation of MI-FC fast charging technology,

New MTW silicon oxide negative battery and 80W With the vertical air-cooled wireless charging base,

the wireless charging speed of Xiaomi 11 Pro & Ultra is far faster than other wireless charging mobile phones in the supermarket,

and it can even achieve zero time difference with 67W wired charging, and it is full of 100% in 36 minutes.

It is completely goodbye to battery anxiety during use.

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Mi 11 Pro/Ultra supports 67W wireless flash charging: as fast as wired charging https://www.duzline.com
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