More textured! iPhone 13 released time Exposure, Apple wants to enable a new form factor

More textured! iPhone 13 released time Exposure, Apple wants to enable a new form factor

The impact of the new crown epidemic is still there, and when will Apple release a new iPhone this year?

According to the latest news from DigiTimes, Apple’s long-term supplier TSMC will begin large-scale shipments of A15 chips for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 13 at the end of May. The new chip will be based on a 5nm enhanced process,

which will debut in the A14 Bionic and 2020 iPad Air and iPhone 12 series.

Due to the impact of the global health crisis on suppliers, Apple launched the iPhone 12 series in October instead of the normal September. The current supply chain impact has eased.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple is expected to return to the release of the iphone 13 in September 2021. This is because TSMC is now believed to start mass shipments of new chips ahead of schedule, which now seems to be the case. .


Improving the performance and power efficiency of the A15 will be one of the many rumored features that the iPhone will launch in 2021.

Current information indicates that Apple will make some changes to the upcoming iPhone, one of which is to move the handset to the top frame to achieve smaller bangs.

Internally, it is expected that Apple will add ProMotion 120Hz and always-on-area features to at least some iPhone 13 models. Other features include a rumored new matte black option, improved anti-fingerprint performance on the stainless steel edge, and possible in-screen fingerprint sensor.

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More textured! iPhone 13 released time Exposure, Apple wants to enable a new form factor
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